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Two good gank tactics.

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Thought I would share two good gank tactics that I use.

Some people problem know these - but here's a refresher for some people to try if not.

1) First-blood top gank

If you are blue, your jungler, top and mid all sit in the tri bush on enemy side (rush there is best, but not always required), and wait for the minions to spawn. If enemy roams close to tri-bush, you have 3 ppl to gank with.. or if there's a few enemy roaming you can still run away.

Your solo-top player comes back out of the tri-bush, and starts to lane as usual.. and _normally_ their solo top will do the same, starts on the minion last hits.. effectively over-extended. Your jungle and your mid swoop straight out of the tri bush and your solo-top closes in for a 3v1 gank.

Afterwards your can damage tower.. or your mid can run/teleport back to mid, or you can help your jungler leash blue etc. Either way, it forces enemy jungler to rush to top.. and gives your team first blood.

A smart enemy team will notice mid isn't on mini-map yet.. and may not extend so far.. generally though it seems top comes forward to get those last hits.

Only works well if you are Blue team, because current meta has a solo top, and Blue team has the tri-bush on enemy side to get behind.

2) Mid level 6 - teleport gank (requires tele)

Mid levels faster than bottom, because of solo-lane.. and hit's level 6 getting ulti before bottom lane does.

Basic idea is to push your enemy out of lane.. B back, get an item (eg boots) then teleport to your support's ward in bottom, and Ult the enemy ADC/support straight out of the bush.. generally a good suprise and they don't know you are there unless they have counter warded.

Safest if you teleport to a ward in the back bush, or communicate with your bottom lane who hopefully know if the enemy team has warded or not.

This tactic doesn't require you to push your mid out of lane, but it does work best.. as such around level 5 you want to be bringing them down and hopefully just after 6 you have forced them back.

Very effective with fiddle-sticks. when you B back, and pickup Sorc boots.. tele down, and -30 MR to enemy's, have your team force an engage and then R out of the bush.. owchies.

After the gank, generally push over bottom tower.. then all 3 run up and defend mid.. or take dragon.

Anyway my 2c, hope someone uses it.

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the teleport trick wont work too well since you can see the teleport through the fog of war, best time to tele in is when they commit to a fight