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Best champs to get out of elo hell?

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If you're good and you communicate with the team and don't make them rage I recommend hypercarries. My personal taste would be:
1. Jax
2. Irelia
3. Darius
4. Jayce
5. Vayne
6. Katarina

Any champ with enough damage output or mobility to help in both lanes and team fights.

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I honestly thought I was bad. I'm stuck in mid 1200 trying to break into 1400 but it's pretty rough, but it's good to know others have it worse than me.

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Currently im at ~860 Elo, but im an actually good player. I usually play ADC or support. And will do mid when syndra comes out.

My Favorite ADC's (In order of use)

- Ezreal
- Graves
- Vayne
- Trist
- Corki (I dont use)

and my favorite supports:

- Blitz
- Morg
- Lee Sin (dont say anything)
- Taric

any other champs i should play to get out of elo hell?


There is no single champion that will get you out of Elo Hell. I personally know the feeling of being behind in ranked. Let me tell you how I got out of Elo Hell and maybe it will help you escape it too.

This season I started off going 1-2 and then falling into the hole at 2-8. At this point I was somewhere around 920 Elo or so, the lowest I had. The first few games I played I had many bad teammates. I played Tristana and MF as adc and my team would feed a lot even though I was keeping even with my score and had the highest cs in most games. The rough truth is that adc may help carry a team, but only if that team hasn't fed the enemy already where your help is beyond reason. A lot of these losses are because of trollers and teams who couldn't respect each other.

I then started to play mid and went 2-1 during that frame, going to 4-9. Playing each role is critical in this game. Learn every role before you go into ranked and have at least three characters you can rely on for each role so that your choices aren't banned and picked. Another great thing to do is to play duo queue with someone you work well with. Having the extra person to play with can make all the difference in saving yourself from a troll.

Once I was 5-10 I was at about 980 Elo, still not anything close to what I wanted. So I decided to duo queue with a few people that had worked well with me in the past, or enemies that respected the way I played after a tough loss. I have played my last ten games in duo queue with these people and am now 15-10...

The reason why is because these people were also in Elo Hell and they saw my determination in each game I played regardless of the fact that my team fed. I would usually get the response, "Good job McSlayer123, sorry about your team", etc. If you are getting these types of responses from people, then that means that you have the determination to get out of Elo Hell and that you are not flaming your team.

So to sum it up, duo queue with someone who wants to get out of the Elo your in. Learn each role, if you don't know them all make sure you learn them, and make sure your duo knows them all too! If your not comfortable with each role yet then stick to normals and then return to ranked only after you have mastered each role with at least three characters. Other than that just know the basic mechanics and use your head. Good luck.

P.S. : And by the way, if you do know how to jungle well then try to call it during selection. The jungle controls a lot how well a lane does, I have personally been jungle 8 of the last 10 games or so in my 10 game win streak so I know that it helps a lot.


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Twisted Fate with max CDR will easily get you out of low elo.