Vi Skin Ideas - (Wiki Tiki Vi, Boom Boom Vi)

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Hey Forums peoples, I don't post on the forums very often, but recently I've had some ideas for Vi while playing a quick ranked match with her. Now first off, I don't know if any of these ideas have been mentioned or posted before, so I apologize if it might sound like anyone else's ideas.

Wiki Tiki Vi(Pool Party Vi originally)

Now, I had this idea when I has seem some gameplay of those awesome new Pool Party skins recently, and obviously there are tons of ideas for pool party skins for every champion (Yes, including Pool Party Ahri & Syndra). Anyway, the basis of this skin idea would have Vi wearing a hula girl outfit, with Tiki torches as fists. The fists themselves would be stone and look more like a talisman with a face with a flaming mouth on the back of the hands. I'm not too bright when it comes to making dialogue but her recall animation would be her playing a ukulele under a palm tree, only to have a volcano erupt behind her seconds later. Her E would cause flames to fume out of the mouths on her fists, and would release a blast of fire upon hitting her target, accommodated by a deep tribal chanting sound. Her ultimate ability would make Vi had a trail of flame between her and her target, leaving behind flower petals as she runs. Activating her R would start the sound of tribal drums that would get louder and faster as she approaches her target, ending with the sound of tribal chanting.
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Boom Boom Vi

Now you all know Blitzcrank and his popular skin Boom Boom Blitzcrank. I propose that Vi would have a skin similar to his(minus the bruised eye), especially since Vi is the closest thing to a boxer in League of Legends. The visual aspect would include Vi with her hair tied back, along with her wearing red boxing gloves, a training bra, boxing shorts, etc.. I didn't think too much into this idea, but I thought it would be cool to have her ult make the sound of that bell "Ding! Ding!" when she activates it, along with her saying "K.O!" upon slamming her target down. Also, for the recall animation this idea would be similar to her current recall animation, but more akin to the animation for Gladiator Draven. It would have the sound of a roaring crowd, as she waves her hands in the air and is surrounded by camera flashes in various directions.
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Again, these are just some of the many ideas I've had for champion skins, and I thought it would be nice to share them. If there are any talented concept artists out there, I'd love to see these ideas come to life. The images used are for visualization purposes and I do not own them, be sure to check out their pages on Deviantart