Talpi, The Lone Mole {Reworked}

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When Ezreal explored the pyramids of the Shurima desert and found his magical amulet two bright lights bursted from the tip of the pyramid he was in. One flew towards the Plague Jungles and the other towards the city of Piltover. An armadillo from the desert saw one of the lights and was drawn to it. At the end of his journey he reached the light in the jungle and later became known as Rammus a fearsome champion in the League.

The government officials of Piltover believed to have had complete maps of their mines due to Ezreals endeavors, but little did they know one chamber had been undiscovered. On the same day an armadillo was changed by a mysterious light a lone mole dug into an abandoned mine shaft where a second light shined. The light surged, blinding and knocking the mole unconscious.

When the mole awoke the light had vanished. He had grown in size and had a greater sense of awareness. In shock he dug to the surface Piltover only to find a town of people frightened by his presence. What in in the world had happened to him he thought. In desperate need of an answer he roamed the city only to be arrested by Piltovers finest for investigation. During his investigation he was introduced to the League of Legends and has an overwhelming desire to join, so he did and called himself Talpi.

"I've seen a lot of things and this is the second case."
--Ereal, The Prodigal Explorer, after first meeting Talpi

Talpi is a ad melee energy based crowd control tank


Energy regen increases and cool downs decrease the lower his health is.


Talpi flings dirt in a cone that dmgs and blinds enemies.


Talpi targets an area creating a quicksand pool that pulls enemy champs to its center slowing them.


Talpi slaps his hands together making a shockwave that dmgs and knocks back enemies.


Talpi tunnels underground for a few seconds increasing movement speed moving where your curser goes creating unpassable terrain, also he can not be targeted but can take dmg from turrets or area affects.

Thank you for reading about my champ creation and help it reach The League of Legends!