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How to build/play rengar

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now i'm assuming that if you are reading this you also saw the champ spotlight for him so i wont go over his skills on what they do. the main reason i'm posting this is because i've noticed a lot of rengars rushing bone tooth when they have a lot of deaths and things of that caliber. now the guide i'm posting only works with a team that can give you a good leash as a jungler the build will work for top players as well but i will be talking from the jungler point of veiw. my build can be made in any order so the order shouldnt be your end order. i play him in the moment getting what items i need or forsee needed depending on enemy and ally team.

movement speed quints
flat armour seals
flat mr glyphs
flat armour pen marks


max brute force
1 point in butcher
max alacrity
weapon expertise
3 in vampirism
3 in sunder

1 in resistance
max hardness
max durabiltiy
veterans scars

q first. then e for the early gank lvl 3 1 point in w. max q first and inter change between w and e. max ulti like normal.


I start boots+ 3 hp pots

starting wraiths you have team assist in damaging but not taking and wraiths. then procede to red buff and get a strong leash here careful not to reset. you then gank at lvl 2. best to gank with ferocity bola(main reason getting bola next). If done properly should be first blood. gank would be best at mid or top depending on position if blue side mid best. if on red side top or mid works just fine. you then get wraiths again (depends on position) and then get wolves at golem. lvl 3 around this time you give first blue to mid at about the 4 min mark. then procede to counter jungle and gank as you see fit. Late game your job is to be the tanky assasin. to initiate team fight you use ulti and assasinate their ap/ad carry. then procede to tank the enemy. killing their carries as much as you can. if done really well your team will initiate right when you jump and enemy is thrown into confusion and they split focus. (but life rarely works that way lol).

Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force, Berserker Greaves, Sunfire Cape, Blood Thirster, Warmogs/Force of nature.

this build can only be done with a team that knows how to leash and a mid that is decent. not a good idea to do with randoms but use with friends. your early game is about helping teamates with lane. you surpress the enemy with ganks and once you hit lvl 6 you counter jungle like mad useing your ulti to get out if you must.

first guide posted in a forum. I will try to get a good recording system working and post a few games with my friends so you can see how we utilize rengar. gl hf and play him to your playstyle. hope it was informative if hard to follow.