League Judgement - Teemo

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League Judgement – Teemo


The forests surrounding the league was peaceful; the tops of the trees blocked the light of the sun, keeping the forest draped in a dark shroud, the sounds of small creatures playing cheerfully, the hum of crystal structures dotted between the trees giving off a faint light and hum.

From within the trees came a faint voice, singing a tune. A small yordle emerged from the brush, wearing a large hat with goggles, rolls of parchment stashed in his backpack, and a long shooter in one hand, the Bandle city hero known as Teemo. The young yordle waddled through the trees singing a tune.

Hut two three four, hut two three four, I explore the forest floor, hut two three four!

As Teemo sang and walked, many of the forest creatures were attracted by the tune and marched behind Teemo like a small parade. Teemo walked through the forest until he emerged to a large clearing, at the centre was a large stone structure, with long stone steps and growing crystals lighting its path, the League of Legends. Teemo stopped singing and stopping in his tracks, the animals behind him scattered and ran back into the trees. Teemo looked at the league with awe in his eyes, he grabbed the telescope around his neck and observed the league, he could see the Marble doors of the league with glowing runes inscribed upon the door, they read.

“The truest opponent lies within”

Teemo’s nose tickled with excitement with those words, he put down his telescope and began to waddle towards the stone steps. He skipped up the steps two at a time cheerfully singing his tune.
When he arrived at the marble doors, he wondered what could possible lie within that would require such large doors, but this did not really matter to him, for he has taken down enemies far larger than himself. He knocked at the doors, with small taps.

Hello in there, Captain Teemo on duty!


A noise came from within the doors, then they began to swing open, a bright light shined through the doors, Teemo covered his eyes.
As the light dimmed it revealed it a dark hall, around the walls there were small glowing crystals that dimly lit the room.
Teemo slowly walked into the hall, it appeared to be empty. Teemo stopped at the centre of the hall and waited, he was a little unnerved by the emptiness and decided to camouflage himself.
Teemo waited quietly for someone to appear, when a voice came from the darkness.

There’s no need to hide for me Teemo.

Teemo looked around the darkness but saw no one, then suddenly a figure appeared right in front of him; it appeared to be a reflection of himself.

No Teemo im not a reflection, Im the you that’s buried deep within your heart.

Teemo removed his camouflage and stared at this other Teemo, unlike the real Teemo, this one didn’t have a cheerful face, he looked more sad than happy.

That’s because im the part of you that you choose to ignore, the part that feels sad, remorseful and lonely. The part that wants to have friends and be with his people, the part that wishes to mourn the loss of friends and the enemies you killed in service of Bandle city.

The real Teemo now spoke.

Hehehe that makes no sense, I don’t feel anything for my peoples enemies, I just want to explore and play, Captain Teemo doesn’t need those things to be happy.

The other Teemo spoke again.

You lie to yourself to make yourself not feel my pain, you did what you had to taking the lives you took defending Bandle, they would have ended many of your peoples lives had you not, there is no need to bury those feelings, accept them and become stronger that ever.

Teemo tilted his head and thought well about those words, all the while humming his favourite tune.
He knew these words were correct but he never wanted to accept them, so he ignored them.

Don’t feel bad Teemo, embrace your feelings again, and fight well in the league, your people are behind you, and always will be, even though they aren’t here with you, you are always in their hearts and they are in yours.

Teemo looked up and stared at his counterpart and smiled, he walked over to him, the other Teemo stretched out his hand to, Teemo did the same and they held their palms together and both said together.

Captain Teemo is now ready for duty!

A bright light consumed them both, when Teemo opened his eyes he was still in the hall but the other Teemo was gone, a set of double doors opened and he was surrounded in light, a voice came to Teemo.

Welcome to the League of Legends, Captain Teemo, now that you have accepted what’s within your heart, you are now ready to work together with the Summoners on the Fields of Justice.

With a renewed smile upon his face, Teemo marched on with delight singing his favourite tune.

Hut two three four, hut two three four, Teemo will fight the good war, hut two three four!

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Orange Canary

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great story mate, really enjoyed it!

only slight criticism is (possibly) the judgment scene is to short for my liking, I dont know about others but I found it fairly (weak) but, it was very well written in my opinion.

I hope you post other judgments soon!

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So.... I noticed that you didn't use the "Why do you want to join the league?" part. As for the judgment itself, it does seem to reflect Teemo's cheerful personality, but I hoped it would contain more of his mad anti-social behaviour. Still a good read though.

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i honostly think taht u shoudnt have changed teemos ultimate it was beter b4

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nice posts, add me!