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Team JUKE is recruiting Support, 1400+ elo

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Best Wes NA

Senior Member


Hey everyone,

Team JUKE is a competitive team looking to be serious for season 3. We plan on joining tournaments, including go4lol and others. We will be using the rest of season 2 to get to know each other and get some solid strats down.

Practices will be Sunday-Thursday starting 9pm EST once we have a full team and a consistent group of guys (Fri and Sat are wildcard days for people to go out and party). If those times dont work for you, please do not tryout.

- Looking for a support position at the moment.
- Must have a top elo of at least 1400
- At least 200 ranked games
- Must own at least 90% of champs (around 15 or so missing champs)
- Must be able to run skype and have a mic
- No internet issues
- Be able to take criticism

Thanks for your time, add either Vorkraze or Demnoes in game