Looking for mature / friendly team.

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Hihi. I go by nAno. Nice to meet you. I'm 26 years old. I don't have many friends as it's hard to find friends that don't scream "NOOOB." all the time. Drives me crazy. I'm not a fan of kids who like to rage. I would just like to have a friendly team who doesn't flip-out during games and gives constructive criticism.

My best games seem to come from Sivir. (I can play any particular role though)
I am currently 10700(Takedowns), 125585(Minion), & 385 wins.

I tend to play safe. And won't dive unless I know it's an efficient trade.
As this is the most popular PC game right now, you tend to run into a lot of children.

I do follow the pro-scene as much as I can and have learned a lot. Streams, Tournaments, etc. If there is a team out there that is in need of my style, then that would be great! I play often and hope to hear from somebody!

ID: nAnorine (NA) -- Add me! T.y. (I don't think I will be checking back to this post, ask me ?'s in-game. Tryouts are fine.)

- nAno . hfgl