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Group of guys in their mid 20s lookin for others with common interests to LoL binge

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Hey guys and gals,

I'm fairly new to LoL and have found that all my friends that I play with from real life are WAY ahead of me in more than one LoL curve. I'm trying to find some people that are my age that aren't going to troll or whine (too much) and will simply work hard to try to get better. I've had very good luck so far with finding a few solid people to play with regularly and we're looking for a few more to PUG with us casually.

Eventually I plan on playing ranked teams with my friends but need someone to play with to keep my attention until we're ready for that time.

If you respond please don't mind sharing a little bit of personal information about yourself. Not like your street address and social security number but maybe some of your other hobbies and **** you've done with your life. Like I said, I'd like this to be a fun event.

I primarily am trying to get better with AP Mid champs as that's what the team I'm going to try to be on is in need of these days. Right now I'm on an Ahri stint. I've hit 20 and have max tier runes each time I level.

Please PM/respond if you're interested or you can just add me on LoL and say it's in response to my forum post.