Looking for a not to serious team to play with

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I used to play LoL quite a bit until my computer had issues and couldn't run LoL. Recently I reinstalled it and I'm good to go and pretty excited to get back into it. I'm level 20 but I've been doing a lot of bot matches, am looking into playing more against other players because bots really just bore me now. I'm had enough practice with a wide variety of champions that I think I can switch between them and keep my effectiveness for the most part.

I mainly enjoy playing mages, right now I'm favoring Malzahar over the others. Just got Lulu last night and have been playing her a bit, never have been a support player but could look into it more if it's needed.

Not looking for a super serious team of course, just some like minded players that won't mind playing with someone who hasn't got a whole lot of PvP experience. Looking for a place to start with players who are already used to it. I'm a quick learner and I would be playing fairly casual hours, could put in some good time over the weekends but for the most part I have a life and I'm not always around my computer during the weekdays.

Champs I have (* for the ones I usually play):

Brand* - Almost want to say he's too much of a glass cannon, may take some serious getting used to if I plan to PvP with him.
Jarvan IV*
Kassadin - Would like to get better with him and whatnot but I find he's one of my most difficult champions to play as, right next to Karthus.
Malzahar** - Ult then W for the void, Q when/if they try to escape afterwards putting it right in their path. Really enjoying that combo.
Swain - Another possibility, I don't seem to see much of him but I find he's pretty fun to play as.
Vladimir** - Loving how his mana is his health, and enjoying his quick cooldown in his Q ability, makes for fun harassment.
Xin Zhao

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Ill join in i used to main kass too i could maybe give some tips