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[CHAMPION SUGGESTION] - Aether the Mana Elemental

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Okay since everyone seems to like/want more champions with health-only no-mana attribues and spells, I thought I would turn the tables on people and make a mana-only champion!

Check him out and please give me feedback, especially on numbers and balancing issues.
P.S. Not sure if Veigar would just shut him down completely or not, but definitely his rival!

Mana Elemental

Story: Aether is a being formed from the magical energies flowing within the air. Champions exert this energy to cast spells of various sorts, however, this energy does not just vanish – instead it flows back into the air, much like heat, always in a state of entropy. Spawned from the expulsion of magical energies, Aether is a mutation of the flow of mana. Now, seeking answers about his own existence, he has come to the League of Legends arena. His goal is twofold: an effort to learn about the mana that birthed him and to replicate himself as a new species…

UNIQUE: Aether does not have health points – instead damage dealt to him subtracts from his mana pool. Using healing ABILITIES/SPELLS (Not items, i.e. health potion) on Aether restores mana instead of health. If he runs out of mana, he is slain. Not possible for Aether to slay himself with a spell.

Aether is unable to wield the Chalice of Harmony. (Would be too OP.)

Type: Tank, Mage, Tough, Melee, Nuke, Disabler (mana drain?)

Range: Melee

Starting statistics:
500 mana.
66 damage.
0 Ability power (AP).
0 Armor (Zero because he does not have any defense, more of a mana blob. *note, does not mean he can never increase his armor - items still increase it)
42 Magic Resist
.6 Attack speed
310 Movement speed

Q: Siphon – No mana cost.
Aether devours the magical reserves of an enemy champion, causing extreme agony. Steals 50/70/90/110/130+(1xAP) mana, and deals 80/100/120/140/160+(1xAP) damage.

20/18/16/14/12 second cooldown.
Short range draining attack.

W: Implode – Active/Passive – 60/90/120/150/180 mana cost.
Active: When activated, Aether forces himself to implode dealing 80/110/140/170/200+(.25xAP) magic damage in an area around him and draining 50/70/90/110/130+(1xAP) mana. Due to the implosion, Aether depletes his gathered energy thereby losing size, power and regeneration until he recaptures it.

70/60/50/40/30 second cooldown.
Melee range area of effect attack.

Passive: Aether grows in volume, feeding off excess mana within the air to both increase his power and mana regeneration. +8/12/16/20/24 AP and +5/10/15/20/25% increased mana regeneration.

E: Surge – Activated aura – 100 (Reduced by .25xAP) mana cost per second.
While activated, Aether distorts the magical energy used by enemy champions near him causing their spells to violently backlash against them, causing 20/40/60/80/100+(1xAP) damage and draining an additional 30/50/70/90/110+(.5xAP) mana from their reserves.

25 second cooldown.
Medium range activated aura (Karthus defile similarity).

R: Crystallize – 100/200/300 mana cost
Aether hardens his own essence, giving him +50/100/150+(.25xAP) armor and magic resist and 50/100/150%+(.25xAP) increased mana regeneration for 5 seconds, but immobilizes and silences him for the duration.

300/260/220 second cooldown.
Self buff.

Passive: Absorption
Absorbs 2/4/6/8% of magical damage taken and converts it to mana for Aether. (SCALES WITH LEVEL – 1-4/5-9/10-14/15-18)

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a picture to go with the paragraph...

taken from a wowwiki ManaSurge picture.

found it funny it was called one of my spells XD

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Drake O Dagger

Senior Member


I just noticed this never got any comments, so I'm gonna comment on it. First off, I don't think it would be OPed with Chalice, simply cause its entirely dependent on your Regen, and it would replace his inability to actually use Armor or Magic Resist at all (since both are based on Health, not Mana, unless one of its traits is also to change that). And even if he can use Armor and Magic Resist, I still don't think it'd be that bad. The increase would be minimal until its almost dead, at which point this would just be like struggling against the odds. BTW, 42 Magic Resist as a base is insanely high. No champion I've seen even has Magic Resist scale. They all seem to start with 30 and keep that for all levels.

The 500 mana for starting is decent for most champs. My first thought was its kind of low, but both Health for Mana champs have about that much (less actually). It depends on how much it grows by level though. The fact EVERYTHING costs mana actually makes this seem REALLY low. You're very likely to near kill yourself a lot with the high costs. A champ like this should really have much lower costs (and likewise effects balanced to these costs, factoring everything in).

Not entirely sure about the abilities, and I'm too tired right now to comment on all of them, so I'll do that in the near future. But aside from that, this is also a bump, and hopefully others will now comment on this champ ^_^