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lich bane and corki

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ive been trying different corki builds out and i found a nice item for him.

build him ap and get lich bane. his rockets very low cooldown lets you proc the lich bane about every other attack. and sense ap is half the cost of ad that brings you to about the same attack damage as you would have going ad corki plus you get stronger abilities.

your probably saying, "but gatling gun wont be worth squat if you do that!"

well, while it wont do as much damage, the stronger abilities and auto attacks make up for it.

so, compared to ad corki;

more powerful harassing abilities to take them to lower health before you engage
just as powerful auto attack

slightly less dps up close

and compared to normal ap corki;

stronger auto attack
much higher dps up close because of lich bane

slightly less powerful abilities

and of course you can always get some ad items if you want a stronger gatling gun but i think pure ad is close quarter overkill and wimpy long range.

besides actually experiencing this working very well for me, i don't have any proof. i haven't run the numbers or anything yet but i'll get to that if this thread gets a few posts.

thx and discuss/try it out

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ur doing it wrong