My first experience in TT at level 30

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Originally Posted by evil25magic View Post
Cool, didn't know. Though, despite that fact... There's no reason that anyone at level 30 should be that bad at this game.
Spanish. They are everywhere.
The one that knows only one language, and knows one word:
  • noob

Otherwise, they trash talk and mostly blame the others while theyre negative.

What I mean from negative: A 3/15 Karthus.

Careful though. Some spanish, that knows a little bit more words, Id say, a good english, are not that bad. Dont ask me why. Once they know english, they get to learn the game, but obviously youll get hundred of noob spanish. They are everywhere. Mostly the kids, the one that barely know their own language.

Anyways, thats a point that touches every map and mode. Thats a point that cannot be eradicated unless they add South America IP block to North America, and create their own server, so noobs play against noobs.

Some of them will get through that block, if the block ever happens, but the game would be way better. Im not racist, just clarifying truth. This is a point that everyone is aware.

Downvotes always come out from people that think Im being arrogant, and certainly racist. Im just giving my opinion, and getting you guys your own server wouldnt be a bad thing either.

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First I would like to start out by saying that I have usually 2 to 300 T T win several of which I've carried on my own water rest of my team has been just just like the 1 that you describe now sounds like a lot of the times that I Q on my own in Sr the best advice to give you bruisers control tt anything that is tankyand does good damage I have yet to see Jayce do well on that match without a very good lane partner. However the key remember is that you will find bad players and trolls every map personally I like to use 3 v 3 when I'm alone your warding sounded very thorough if not a little excessive typically 1 at the entrance to dragon in 1 right about bread is enough to give you map control as far as where they are going typically taking a champion that gets wriggles early on is a strong choice to allow you to ward without wasting gold which is very precious in that mode feel free to add me to ask any further questions you have I'll also be more than happy to Q with you and give you some tips on General 3 v3 play

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was this pantheon... me....