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Dream Team: Champs with Highest Winrate

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According to lolking, and with a 1-1-2-1 setup, these are the champions that have the highest winrates.
Take a look here (http://www.lolking.net/news/analyze-this-champions-that-dominate-the-meta)
TL;DR for those of us that can't click on a link right now.
Top - Rumble
Mid - Zyra
AD - Ezreal
Support - Taric
Jungle - Amumu

These are separate, LoLking doesn't cover highest win rate full compositions (ie, it doesn't see how often Sej Sion Trundle Twitch Karma win together), so we don't know how well this works as a team - I can guess though, it's probably truly outrageous.

Let's discuss -- Do you believe any of these champions are overpowered? If so, what about them? How can they be fixed? Are they balanced -- Should others be buffed?

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Rumble is just good. Not OP, nor UP. He fits very nicely where he is. I feel the same about Ezreal, Taric and Amumu. All incredibly good, but not overpowered, and all are counterable. And I haven't played enough games mid against Zyra to have an opinion of her.

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i think.. amumu quiet great.. ez a great cleaner AD too.. taric isnt that great i prefer other support like soraka or leona in this team.. rumble.. i dont really know much about him but from my little experience he really good if the one that plays him is highly experienced.. zyra quiet OP in everything.. lane phase.. i dont think any normal mid could kill her without getting killed.. mid game and late game and teamfight her ult just too OP for me.. amumu's ult + zyra's ult + rumble ult = GG.. too much fkin burst.. and taric can stun the rest ad ez clean the fk up.. overall the team is 9/10.. bad position cannot wreck this team too.. i really dont know how to stop this..