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Searching for the ONE champion.

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I'd reccomend kayle. you can cast his ult which provides invincibilty to whoever its casted on for x amount of seconds. I can say from experience it is the most annoying thing ever.

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Wow. I've been trying Singed and he makes it so easy to control lanes - stacking up mana also helps with his health, so its a win/win for me. His abilities are much more show-offers than Shen too, what's somewhat interesting :P.

So for now it's Shen and Singed. I had not the opportunity to try Talric yet, neither Kayle but for now this two have hit the spot.

Any further pointers and ideas are cool, but I think I might be learning the ropes already. I'll let you guys land a hand to other questioners. :P

Thanks for the time!

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Taric is a great laner, has high survivability (due to Imbue and Shatter)... and his Armor of the Fifth age skin is dead sexy (how can you not pimp the pink?)
Really though, he's a great character, he can fill many rolls (support/tank/caster) and with summoner skills like Teleport/Ghost... you'll be in every team fight you'll need to be in.
As suggested, Shen is also a great choice... he's very easy to get a handle on (at least from what I found, though I may be a quick learner) and his recommended items are decent (AotL is one of the best aura's in the game... that's the gray shield). He's also got a strong damage output for a tank...

Lastly, there's Mordekaiser... He can be built tanky and still deal massive damage (Rylia's is a must on him, as he lacks the CC of regular tanks).
Most summoners roll ignite/ghost on him as well... (Ignite works well with your ult as well, as you can throw Ignite/Children of the Grave on a low HP target and heals will due nothing for them, leaving them to die in your wake.)
He's currently one of the stronger picks for higher play as well (you'll get a handle on him after a few games), as his shield makes him difficult to harass (I build him Doran's Shield/Rylia's Sceptre/Boots of Swiftness or Merc Treads... milage may vary here depending on the team comp... heavy casters FoN, Spirit Visage, and GA are great choices. For heavy phyiscal, Omen, Thornmail, and GA work well... The first build also works well for most comps as well, as it provides extra healing from your Ult and makes you immune to burst damage for the most part. Guardian Angel also makes you a monster in team fights)

Oh and Spoiler... (Samus) Kayle's a Girl