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LF duo 800 elo to 1300

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Hi, I'm looking for a duo partner around 800-900 elo that wants to help me carry games. I played ranked before I was good and now my elo is pretty bad. Now that I’m good I want to get back into ranked games. I think I can play ADC at about 1500 elo. I can last hit near perfectly and pretty descent at orb walking and kiting.

I would also like to 1v1 you so we can test each other skills.

I’m looking for someone that can play a carry role because it is harder to influence the game in a support role. I main support i know...

Im not looking for someone who blames their losses on their teammates. I expect and don't care if all of our team mates are really bad and feed. It’s our job to help them and get feed on their bad players .

If you want to duo with me or need a partner to practice laneing mechanics leave your summoner name or add me in game my summoner name is redgod7

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Hey man, if you want to join a fun-loving community to help improve your game, join us!