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09-05-2012 - Link to my thread.

In a local tavern champions of the League are telling stories of great triumphs over odds that were against them. I managed to overhear one such story of how a team overconfidence was their downfall.

The teams are Leona, Ashe, Lux, Nidalee, and Shyvana vs. Janna, Varus, Morgana, Cho’gath and Nautilus. I guess you could say that the teams were a good poke comp with decent initiation Vs. a team whose poke is their great initiation.

Due Leona being caught out the enemy recently killed Baron and took his strenght seeing that they could not contest it without her. They’re low but no one saw how they could fight them, surely this was the end and the push down mid would end it.

“Ashe” called Lux “Can you fire your arrow and hit Morgana or Varus?”

“I could try” answered Ashe “But it will probably be seen and block by Morgana shield.”

“I’ll take care of that. Just tell me can you hit one of them?”

“Varus is out of line I could hit him”

“Alright then. Nidalee Shyvana!” Called Lux “I need you to get behind them for when Varus gets stunned.

“Alright” They answered in unison.

The fight seemed to have lasted only seconds the moment A let loose her arrow Lux used her magic to make it blend in with the surroundings nearly invisible to the naked eye. The moment it met its target Shyvana and Nidalee made their moves and downed Varus before he knew what hit him. Confused by the sudden death of their ally the enemy couldn’t mount a counterattack fast enough. Appearing in front of them Lux and Ashe made quick work of Janna then switched focus to Morgana.

By now they realized what had happened and tried to retreat but Shyvana unleashed her power and dragged all but Morgana (who shielded herself) back into the fray. Although it was slow work they managed to dispose of both Cho’gath and Nautilus leaving only one with baron and a base to assault.

Although they didn’t get to the nexus by the time the enemy spawned this left distrust between those on the other team. Janna was called out because of the lack of wards allowing the enemy to get behind them, Varus for getting caught by Ashe’s arrow, and Morgana for leaving the team to die. This made their encounters less effective and ultimately lost the game for them.