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A good Master yi Build

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With yi (unless you are ap) you should end up with boots (usually berseker greaves), 2 phantom dancers, 2 bloodthirsters and 1 infinity edge. If you are dying a lot think about getting 2 or 3 doran's blades and maybe even swap a bloodthirster for another phantom dancer if necessary. Many people will counter ad yi with 1 thornmail because it returns I think 30% of the damage as magic damage. 1 bloodthirster with a decent amount of kills will effectively cancel out a thornmail so try and rush it and you should be fine. If you are not fed/ don't have much gold and are dying a lot solely because of the thornmail doing massive amounts of damage then you may think about getting a banshees vail but I don't really like this.

q,e,q,w,q,r then prioritize r then e then q then w.
boots + 3 hp pots
bersekers greaves
phantom dancer
vampric scepter (sometimes before phantom if you are dying to DoT a lot or just neccasary)
BF sword
phantom dancer (sometimes before BF sword)
vampric scepter
Infinity edge
2 bloodthirsters.

e,w,q,q,e,q,r. then prioritize r then e then q then w.
I almost always start on wolves before blue (ancient golemn)
dorans blade/ cloth+5 hp pots (depending how confident you are)
same build as non-jungle but you almost always get the phantom before VS so that it is quicker to gank and also deals more damage.

P.S. Some people say that you should get 1 or even 2 dorans ring even if you are not going ap so that you get mana regen so you can spam dat q and you get health. I don't really like this because you are wasting a lot of money by buying and then selling 950 worth. Really you shouldn't be "spamming" your q unless you want some poke damage or there are many minions that are decently low on health.

P.P.S If you want poke damage use the q on the minion in front of the subject otherwise you will end up at the subject and if they are near the turret or they have a stun/snare/partner, your are almost dead.