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A build for Garen

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First off, I would like to say that I only play in Twisted Treeline. If you come here with Summoner's Rift-specific tips, it wouldn't really help me at all.

I currently start boots+3 health potions > Boots of Swiftness > Chain Mail or Null-magic Mantle(order depends on what I need) >Turn ChainMail into Sunfire Cape > NMM into Hexdrinker > Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius > Youmuu's Ghostblade.

I rarely get further than that into a game. However, I like the idea of the Infinity Edge and Frozen Mallet on Garen,(I've expiremented a bit with those, but no sucess in a good build order). Perhaps a better build would be to use Merc Treads instead, lowering the priority of the Hexdrinker and letting me get other things first. Then maybe chainmail and letting it sit while I get IE and FM, then turning it into something.

Which of these builds sounds better? Or do you guys think there is another that is better?