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Rate my build: Tank Soraka

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my friend actually prefers playing tank soraka than any other build.
he usually buys boots of mobility, and the 5 sunfire capes, this may sound crazy, but with so much health, it takes a while for anyone to kill you, and then you have really good heals to boost you back up.
this is an anti-melee build, as the characters are attacking you, you deal 200dps just from standing there.
first time he told me of this i thought he was crazy, then we played a 5vs5, just to show me the awesomeness of this build and if i remember correctly he had 29/3/?? (assists were high too ), and this against a fairly good team...

So explain to me how he farms all of the Sunfire capes? He is basically useless after early game because his spells do absolute sh*t.

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Valiant Turtle



Ah, the eternal debate about whether Tanks must have an initiator. Tank Soraka may not seem to have an initiator, but maybe she does. Frankly, initiation is all about the person behind the other keyboard. I actually don't consider taunts to be good initiators. A real initiator makes the players want to attack you. Consider Rammus: his taunt is annoying for a few seconds and once it's over you'll probably try to disengage and attack someone else, but a Rammus rolling up and starting tremors by your tower is a completely different story. That's an initiator! You've got to do something about that Rammus or your tower's in deep trouble.

What can tank Soraka do? Simple, she can look like easy XP and gold. It's initiation by being bait. It's probably not going to work at competitive levels, but at the casual level most people play at it's actually reasonable. Few people can resist an "easy" kill.