How to build yorick??

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like runes and masteries.

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Flat ad marks and quints are pretty solid. Armor seals and magic resist glyphs would be very good on him too. If you are planning on soloing a bottom lane you could run mana regeneration on your seals as you probably will be against a mage if the enemy is soloing or else you will be against 2 people and wouldn't want to trade directly anyways (mana=health regen through ghouls).

I would recommend that you throw down with 9/21/0 as your masteries as you will want to be in the thick of the fight for the entire duration of it. The 9 in offense you could take either the attackspeed and armor pen % if you plan on melee trading a lot, or you could take the cdr and magic pen % if you plan on only trading with ghouls (your nuking ghouls do magic damage).

If do take the AD pen and attackspeed mastery in offense, prioritize items like trinity force and dorans blades as you will get more out of them when you are trading up close. Mana shouldn't be too huge of an issue in TT for Yorick once you get something like a glacial shroud as the distance from the well to the middle of the map is relatively short and lane sustain isn't as crucial.

Runes are always personal preference so if you feel like something is lacking switch it up and make Yorick your own. Hope this helps you out man! GL GL ^^