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My Hide and seek rules

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Hi, basic rules are as follows,

Auto bans (both teams) = Evelyn, Twisted fate

suggested bans; teemo, twitch, rengar, leblanc, ashe, shaco

Hiders get until 2:00 to hide, at which point the seekers can leave the base
Seekers must not leave the initial circular part of the platform. For example they have to basically pretend the automatic walls in dominion dont release till 2:00

One frozen mallet per seeker team
One rylais per seeker team
One hextech sweeper/ lightbringer per seeker team
seekers may buy oracles only after 10 minutes

Hiders may use all CC spells at host discretion (juke moves allowed, i.e. fizz q, lee q, master yi q)
Hiders may max their skills in any way they want; some are dumber than others

after respawn, hiders get ~30 seconds to rehide, if someone attacks you just yell in all chat

All offensive items are banned for hiders.(i.e. teemo with 4 rabadons or ap kassadin)
All defensive items are allowed for hiders (including sunfire cape/guardian angel/thornmail) rylais is allowed. Having a rylais does not turn all your spells into CC. i.e. if you're singed with rylais you still cant poison

Seekers should B under 300 effective health. HOWEVER, they can choose to continue seeking, at which hiders are not penalized for killing them with CC. Having a storm shield counts as your effective health. if you have 200 hp and a shield for 190, you can continue seeking as normal.

If hiders interrupt a seeker's recall, it is a warning the first time, and a -1 the next time(unless it results in a death : instant -1).
hiders are allowed to interrupt storm shield captures, regardless of whether or not the ability is natural CC.

Being afk or something related does not grant you immunity. if you die, its a normal -1. For every 5 minutes beofre 25 minute game timer its -1, and every 2 minutes thereafter.

Any seeker, even ones that need to leave, may not transfer lives.

Once out, hiders may stay in base or run around the ring. They must not enter any shadowed part of the jungle, except the narrow strip that leads from base to the inner jungle. This includes them not being able to dance in the center, as it provides excess vision.

If someone trolls you, post their name here, along with any screenshots etc.

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Really wish people would stop recreating this all you do is create trolls. Was following original rules as XZ seeker and I was on b took the death to kill lux off for last life and then the entire team freaked out because some random set says i cant cancel my B. When the originals say that if I keep chasing its cool to kill me otherwise leave me alone.

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i hate it when people say you cant poison with rylais its like hey half black ppl have freedom and the other half are slaves. its complete bull**** if hes that op why not ban him