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Jungle Lee Sin Guide?

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I've been playing the game for a while now and jungling has always been my weakest role, so I'm looking to expand my repertoire of jungle characters to see if I can find some that I like better. I wanted to try out jungle Lee Sin next because I thought he looked like a fun champ, but I haven't been able to find any good guides and I don't want to just go in blind (haha) because he looks like he could be somewhat complicated. All of the guides in the compilation focus on laning with little to no explanation on how to jungle. Can anyone provide me with some good advice on builds/strategy for jungle Lee Sin or point me towards a good guide?

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Count Nashor

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Here's just a quick guide on my own build of Lee Sin.


x9 Mark of Strength
x9 Seal of Resilience
x9 Glyph of Warding or Shielding
x3 Quint of Strength

Cloth +5
Finish Boots then Wriggles
Boots +3
Ruby Crystal
Finish Boots or Phage

This is just an early game build. Mid and Late game I build differently to what items I need
in consideration of who I'm up against and what my team needs.

Back then when I started Junling Lee Sin this was my actual build.

Cloth +5
Vampiric Scepter => Wriggles
Finish Boots
B.F. Sword => Bloodthirster
Frozen Mallet
Last item: GA

If you need something tanky which your team doesn't have and you want to be the 1st to initiate,
then starting from Phage instead of going Bloodthirster then GA, you could go Atmog's.

Not the best but it's just how I play my Lee Sin. Test out other items such as Maws, I've seen
a few Lee Sin go with that but I don't really like using them.

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Lee Sin is my main jungle man; I got myself to silver quickly with him and have over a 70% win rate to date.

I will start most games with boots + 3 pots and the following rune setup:

6x apen marks -> +10.0 Apen
3x flat AD marks
3x flat AD quints -> +9.2 AD
9x flat armor seals -> +13 Armor
9x mr/lvl glyphs -> +24 MR at level 18

Start E or Q and go wraiths to red, or another clever route as you see fit.

General build order:

(after boots + 3)
Heart of gold/ 1 or 2 doran's blades (depending on game)
Aegis of the Legion

At this point you will build some combination of damage and tank items, depending on the game.

See also (by me ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30-StYZSgfM (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30-StYZSgfM)