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Ryze and Corki Builds

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I play 2 champions, Id like to think pretty well and I am putting this item guide up to honor some requests I have had and to help other. here it goes:

First things first. i like my head hunters, tho they are glass cannons I find the best thing is mobility and you will see that theme carried in here.

I find it best to buy the pieces as you have the cash for all the parts dont just buy the finished piece

Ryze (even tho he very shortly will be getting re worked)

Items first thing I buy is the saphire +200 mana and a hp and mana pot then harass away
once you get some cash get the tear of the godess.
Next thing; I know deep breathes for breaking the trend Boots of mobility..this allows us to quickly move from assanation to assanation dont stay and wait for the party..or allows us to run AWAY!!
next is archangel staff
followed by the soulstealer
Next is the zhonyas ring
if you have the cash flow and the games not over go for the abyssal scepter and finally the banshess veil

First skill prsion then torpedo etc I get mastery at 3 turning 4 then omit it untill I have to grab it. returns only good once you have ability power anyway.

alternativly you could get the rod of ages but I find it really depends on the type of game your having I dont like it personally but thats just me. I find the soulstealer gets bigger gains. Additionaly the rod of ages give max returns at the 15 minute mark..so bare that in mind.

The basic idea with this is to run around finding stragglers and waste them quickly, prison them, torpedo them ult and run and repeat. If a big fight is happening stay on the outskirts dont go in, by know you will probably have a bounty on your head and will also be a priority target. so dont run into the fray. try to lure people out to you alone away from the minnions and their dead. I find its okay generally to pick a fight solo with someone if their under 2600 hp. you can prolly insta death them..dont go looking for a tank to fight tho.

Next is sumoner spells. I like flash and ignite (speced into). Flash lets you catch up to someone or get out quickly alowing your boots to kick in and giving youa headstart.
Ignite is a nice touch as it very often gets the kill when someone runs away with just a sliver left on them as ryze has no dot damage.


Ah yes..the flying assassin- you may disagree with this thats fine, I like this build for going in nukeing the hell out of a hero (or groups) and it will devistate minnion waves and creeps.

First thing- saphire crystal the extra mana is a must your first skill will be bomb then valkyre I totally skip on gattling till I have to.

so saphire and hp/mana pot.
then tear of the goddess
next is guinzsoos rage blade (this is our wet dream as Corki!!!)
after this the beserkers boots
followed by the trinity force -yes you heard right its awesome especially when it works with the next item.
Finally the lich bane.
If you have time you could get the frozen mallet or the black axe thingeror even phantom dancer if you really wanted to
When all this gets rolling you are a damage machiene and you are fast. Real fast! in and out.

the basic idea with this is to head hunt. Find an enemy champion valyre up there, bomb him shotting the crap out of him missling him and when all those item effects go off..their pretty much screwed.
Creeps and minnions fear you, valkyre in, bomb and their dead.
Early game bomb the hell out of the enemy champions they dont like that, you are the harasser from hell.

Yea thats pretty much it. any questions and I will try to keep in touch. Good luck and hope ya have fun. If you find something better let me know =D