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What if Summoner Spells...

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were universally buffed??

This is just a thought that I had that I decided to run with. The exact values aren't so important (they could be tweaked), but I feel that these changes could potentially shake the game up a lot and open up much more strategic diversity from game to game.

---- Combine flash and ghost.
-- Flash up to 400 units on cast and receive a 3 second 25% movement speed buff.

3 minute cooldown

Both flash and ghost serve a similar function in allowing you to reposition yourself faster than you could otherwise. Unless flash is nerfed completely into the ground, and as long as it serves a similar function to ghost, it will continue to be a superior choice for most characters (there are exceptions).

Now you'd no longer have to choose between both. This would become an incredibly powerful repositioning skill (not that flash isn't already) while offering no actual combat stats.

---- Combine heal and cleanse.
-- Heal 30% of your max HP and cleanse on cast and receive a 3 second 65% crowd control duration reduction buff.

3 minute cooldown

They both serve a similar function in trying to keep you alive. The dual function of the skill may require some decision making. Suppose you get hit by an ashe arrow while at full HP. You can cleanse out and waste the heal. Or if you're taking a lot of damage but aren't CCd, you can use the heal but waste the cleanse. Or if you're stunned but still at full HP and about to get dog piled on by the enemy, you can cleanse right away to avoid the initiation, or wait to try and bait them into wasting their cooldowns on you.

I can see a change like this helping out characters like master yi by giving them the ability to survive the damage and CC in melee.

---- Combine revive and teleport.
-- Teleport on cast and if used while dead, revive you with 50% HP and 50% MP then teleport. (No health buff or movement speed buff)

6 minute cooldown.

I could see teams running 5 teleport/revives just to have the flexibility of being able to push and defend any point they want or jump back into a fight where they got wiped. But if you decide to teleport to a spot to push, you lose the ability to jump back into a fight after getting killed (thereby giving up a lot of combat strength). And if you get killed and revive, you can no longer telepush for the next 6 minutes.

Teams could pull off lots of counterganks as well with this. Bot lane overextends and gets ganked. Both laners revive and teleport back to the lane and finish off the gankers.

---- Combine smite and promote.
-- Smite on cast and if it kills a minion (as in, not a jungle creep), spawn a super version of it (though not as strong as the current promote minion, but stronger nonetheless).

1 minute cooldown

Smite is something that only sees use with junglers. Combining it with promote may encourage push strategies in lane.

It will also perhaps make who the jungler is in a game more ambiguous. If every single player takes this, you wouldn't know exactly who the jungler is going to be on the load screen (especially if you have multiple ambiguous characters such as nunu, shen, etc.) It also makes it possible to have teams switch their lanes and junglers around throughout the game, rather than have a dedicated 24/7 jungler.

Teams may even run 5x smites just for complete dragon and buff control while not completely gimping their laning abilities. Or maybe some teams will stop running a dedicated jungler and run a 3 man lane or a second 2 man lane (where one or more characters may periodically leave the lane to take jungle creeps / ward their own jungle to maintain vision and control)

---- Combine ignite and exhaust.
-- Ignite and exhaust on cast. The damage over time, healing debuff, movement speed debuff, and damage debuff linger for 3 seconds. Make it castable on minions where the damage becomes instantaneous and then the monster suffers the same debuffs (DoT included).

3 minute cooldown

The reason for combining them is for complete combat supremacy. Both are already used in similar situations. Ignite can be used to secure a kill in the same way the slow from exhaust can secure a kill. Or the damage from ignite or the debuff from exhaust can help counter a gank.

Perhaps then you'd no longer see junglers exclusively using smite. Maybe they'll taking this ignite / exhaust to have stronger ganks and a more flexible summoner, at the cost of having a lower damage and longer cooldown smite. Additionally, if there is a fight over baron, teams could decide whether to use their ignite / exhaust to help secure baron, or to save it for the actual team fight.

---- Garrison
-- Bring it to summoner's rift and make it regenerate turret HP similar to how it works in Dominion. If cast on a friendly turret, make it give the tower splash damage instead of increased attack speed, and if cast on an enemy turret, have it nerf the turret's damage. The buff could last 6 seconds. If an ally casts it on a tower, then an enemy casts it on the same tower, the enemy's would override it, similar to how it works in Dominion.

3 minute cooldown.

This might enable teams to pull out victories with smart defense, while also letting teams go for aggressive tower dives.

---- Clairvoyance
-- Make it reveal an area for 6 seconds as it currently does, but also apply a debuff to targets scouted with it that gives vision of the unit (including wards but not invisible champions) for 6 seconds, similar to how nidalee's bushwhack worked previously.

1 minute cooldown

This will allow teams to counter ward without pinks / oracles, or follow a player's motion more carefully.

---- Clarity
-- Turn it into a blue buff of sorts. Make it have a passive effect equal to 25% of what the blue buff does currently, that when activated, grants an aura that is the actual strength of the blue buff for 15 seconds. Should stack with the blue buff.

3 minute cooldown.

This may allow players to run very mana heavy harass / zoning lane comps while also still offering actual combat utility in the form of 20% cooldown reduction on activation for the team.

---- Surge
-- Turn this into targettable buff, a la Lulu's wild growth that when cast, knocks up all enemies within a certain range and then grants the target 25% movement speed and attack speed for 6 seconds.
3 minute cooldown

This would be a great support skill for protecting an ally while also making them stronger. It can also serve as an initiation (ie. Shyvana jumps into enemy, gets surged)

(Sorry if this thread is a double post. Something seems to have gone wrong when I posted this the first time.)

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I Call ADC Bot



Terrible. Just terrible...

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Regardless, I think summoner spells need some tweaking. Having flash and ignite as the all time most popular spells gets a little old after a while..
(Use the box to select Spell Popularity)

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The diversity is already there in the summoner spell selection - that is practically a metagame in itself. But it is not an area that gets touched a lot until you get to the higher levels of gameplay.

Also, if you think about it, most of the summoner spells do help more than yourself, so in team fights, they are essentially global anyway.