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Recomend me A Jungler!

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Captain Tampax



Karthus. And no this is not a troll post.
It takes some learning to get it down, but once you do you are golden.

I almost always jungle Karth when a jungle is needed unless a tank is also needed. In which case I go with Shyvana or Maokai (Based on team being AD/AP heavy)

His initiation and mana conservation are the tricky parts but that will come with time. As far as route...
Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Red > Golems.....couldn't be more simple.
You will quickly find that when executed properly, your entire jungle will be down before anything respawns, giving you time for a B if needed.

Start with the typical cloth armor 5 pots

For skills pick up Q at 1, This will replenish mana off of the Blue and the two small adds on top of the buff, so that you can mow the next group down with E without a mana problem. At 2 and 3 pick up 2 points in E.
I typically pick up W at 4 since that is about the time I am headed top for a gank. After that max Q.

Just follow the average build, making sure you pick up tear ASAP. A useful trick when you are headed for a gank and you are past lvl 10 (to avoid mana issues), is the spam Q as you walk to stack the tear faster.

As you advance with this you could even try the glass cannon build, although I don't recommend it unless you are confident enough, or the enemy team is dumb enough to stand on you in the event you die. (Boots > Archangel > Deathcap > Archangel > Void Staff > Archangel)
You will lose a ton of survivability, but in return you will be sitting at or above 1200 AP. Pop you ult off from the back of the group as your team goes in for a fight, giving them a massive advantage. Then unload. IF you die, it is highly likely you will take several with you. I have pantakilled atleast 6 times this way.

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Senior Member


I really like volibear. He can start at red with 5 pots and cloth armor, smite, and his attack speed ability, all of which make him good at the job. His toss ability makes him a good ganker, and he can act as a back up tank as well since he builds a lot of hp. He's def worth a try!



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Senior Member


Tails Doll:
Right now i'm trying jax and my next option is mao... you think this 2 are good main junglers?

Maokai is a very strong jungler to main and be solid with, but I would not recommend Jax. As you get better, the amount of gold to make him run well is not easily obtained in the jungle.

I personally think Jax should be played top.

Other solid junglers I recommend are Malphite, Lee Sin, Skarner, and Udyr.

Malphite especially can make your teammates shine with incredible ganks once he hits 6, as can skarner.