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who needs a caster?

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Junior Member


i was wondering and hoping this is a good idea soo here we go..

ive played league along time (almost2years or 2200games or so) and i just started streaming, and having trouble with viewers.. im only around 1500elo but climbing.. and i understand why watch me when u can watch pros.. but what im thinking.. if anyone is running tournaments and needs a caster... i am VERY informative about the game (always read ever patch note and do my research) and i would love to cast and talk about lol.. and then maybe one day it might lead to a little bit of money.. lol

also if any of the higher elo players dont want to cast there own game or feel that they should focus on playing and let someone else do it.. im ur man.. im mainly wanting to talk about the different match up in game, with build and counter build and what not.. but im open too anything

and i dont have a job sooo anything so im free all the time.. if i had people to watch my stream i would be streaming 18+ hours a day :)f

anyway if someone wants to reply on here or email me at [email]masterjj1162@yahoo.com[/email]

i love league and i figured it was worse a post..

i know it say im still a junior member on the forums but i just made my first post like 3 days ago.. you can look at my ingame name komodia to prove im not a nub.

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KSG Soki



Do you happen to have any examples of your casting?