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Ranked Solo Q elo system terribad...

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so, i just played an amazing solo q Ranked game. was a good fight, went back and forth, had a few baron steals and dragon fights. THEN at the end, after about a 46 minute game, that we thought we might lose if we made one mistake, (you know those games where you are doing well, but if there is one ace you lose) we got to the final score screen. 5 elo points given and 7 elo points lost. Now, I am used to seeing anywhere from 11-14 points per game. I have been working my butt off to get outta hell. I was at 700 a while ago then got up to 1289 and now back around 1225 working to get up there into the 1300's. Why should we suffer when someone on the other team or your own team, (in this case the other team, they said it at the end) is duo with someone who is sub 1200 elo. I think that it is a big problem, because when we Solo Q for ranked games we are expecting people around our elo. I was shocked and to be honest, a little upset with 5 elo points gained after such an epic game. This is very annoying.

QQ (>ㅜ&#12636>