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League Judgement: Udyr

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Candidate: Udyr

The candidate's presence is felt as soon as he enters the Great Hall. He moves forward at a steady, almost impatient pace. It looks as though he's attempting to ignore the ornate structure around him. Looking upon him, this is not surprising. Udyr is clearly more comfortable in the wilds than the ordered infrastructure of society.

He stops in front of the large doors and looks up at the golden plaque on the frame. The truest opponent lies within. He lets out a single gruff laugh, and rams his fist into the doors. Showing no signs of fear or hesitation, he marches inside.

The inky blackness surrounded him. Undaunted, Udyr just crossed his arms and waited. Suddenly the area began to get lighter. He found himself in a familiar building, something from a distant memory.

He looked around, and was immediately disappointed. His father has dragged him into town again on another errand. He hated it here. Everything was so organized, so perfect....so bland. He tugged at the collar of his shirt....these cloths were so uncomfortable. His irritation was quickly growing. He wanted nothing more than to run through the fields with the horses.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than he was there. The grass beneath his feet, the sky above his head, and the chains of civilization cast off. It was perfect. That is, until he saw a group of men. They were surrounding a wolf pup trapped in a cage. Udyr's irritation returned, and quickly grew into anger. Without hesitation, he let out a feral roar and attacked the men. He took pleasure in beating them. Each time his fist hit their bodies, his elation grew. Before long the men ran, and he laughed at them. He turned to release the wolf, but the cage was nowhere to be found.

Instead he saw a familiar looking man dressed in a plain robe. In his feral state however, he saw only another intruder. Udyr charged the man, but he only made contact with air. He turned and charged again, this time finding himself spinning through the air and falling flat on his back. His anger grew quickly into untempered rage. He roared and continued to charge the man, but was foiled each time. Soon, he was out of energy, sitting on the ground panting, his rage at a boiling point. The monk simply looked at him.

"Why do you want to join the League, Udyr?"

Udyr was stunned. His anger forgotten, he stared at his teacher in disbelief. Then he burst out laughing. "All that show for this? Ha! You want to know why I want to join the League? I have a well of rage, and I need to take it out on someone."

The monk smirked. "How does it feel exposing your mind?"

"Simple. Animals have no need for illusions."

The scene abruptly faded, and the exit appeared in front of him. Udyr stood up, cracked his knuckles, and marched forward towards the battlefield.

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Not bad and true enough to canon I suppose.