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[1.2k+] Progressive Team LF Support!

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Hello all, I am the captain of a LoL team that will be progressing in skill level as a team and our support recently got into a bunch of real world drama and is unable to play, so we are looking for a new support that will be able to meet the following criteria:

Please note this is a first-come first-serve process. We will taking the first support we find but if we don't like you, we will move on to the next ones. So don't be afraid to apply after someone else.

-Over 1,200 Elo
-Willing to learn new supports and experiment if asked
-Own atleast 70 champions (for trading purposes)
-Age 15+
-A solid understanding of the game
-Have Skype and a good microphone (So we can hear you and not "FIUHQWFGWY" whenever you talk)
-NO RAGING OR BLAMING. This is huge, you will be kicked instantly if you do.

Current Roster
Top: Intense Roargasm [ELO: ~1.3k]
Mid: lifeat29bps [ELO: slightly under ~1.3k]
Jungle: xignitex14 [ELO: over 1.2k]
ADC: EnragedNUKE [ELO: ~1,350]
Support: None! Apply now!

If you want to apply for the spot, add me ingame. If I do not accept it within 5 minutes it is because I am currently in a game. Also make sure to leave a response in the thread here. If you do not have 1.2k+ Elo I will not accept your request.

We reserve the right to deny you access to our team for whatever reason we deem reasonable if we do not feel you would be a positive influence to our learning environment.

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support player here currently 1400 rated looking for a ranked team. already play some wired as champs as well as standered champs for support played alot of strange champs as support for the lolz with friends. I'm 17 and turning 18 in a few months and have played LoL for awhile played when it first came out then took brakes at time when new games came out but LoL always has good play value so play it frequently. I have a mic and skype. IGN: Critchey

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Junior Member


Hey, My name is Austin, and I have been playing league for about 6 months now. Since reaching level 30, I have been playing solely solo queue, without a partner. I would like to change this by joining a competitive, practice oriented team that will move up the ladder as we all gain synergy and experience together.

About me:

IGN: zYgzz
Times Available: Anytime, I own my own small business and set my own hours.
Main role: I tend to fill what is needed since I am solo, which usually ends up biting me in the ass. My best roles are Support, ADC and Top.
Champs: Janna, Alistar ( jungle and sup ) renekton, GP, Corki, Kog, and Soraka.
Competitive Experience: I am 2400+ in WoW arena, and have live tournament exp with cs 1.6 and css. High pressure tournaments, matches, or even live events do not phase me from playing my A game.
Chat: I have all chat programs (skype,TS, raidcall, etc )
What I can bring to the team: A dedicated, learning player who takes criticism on my plays and actually expects it if I make a mistake. How else do you learn? No raging here.

What I expect from you: I want a team that will allow me to grow. I understand that at this current time I am not a 1500+ player, but given the proper teammates and environment, I can and will reach that point in a relatively short time, with my prior experience behind me.