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Jungler LF Team

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So i'm going to keep this simple. I main jungle but i can also play Solo Top and Mid. Champions i can jungle with are: Dr. Mundo, Hecarim, Alistar (he is always ban tho :/ ), Jarvan, Olaf, Amumu, Diana, Jayce, Sejuani, Nautilus, WW, Nunu, Jax and Rengar. I am looking for a competitive team that is willing to LEARN from THEIR mistakes. I want try hards NOT ragers. i havent done solo Q or Duo because i want to be able to carry the game in every lane before i get matched with random people. I have only done 5v5 Ranked. My last team was full of ragers and kicked me after our first lose. (btw i only played 5 games with them. i won 4 out of 5). If you are interested then let me know. Feel free to shoot me an invite and play a normal game first to see if you want me in your team.

I have skype and ventrilo (i prefer skype because i hate the push to talk thing)
i'm 19 years old.
I work so i can only play after 5pm Eastern time week days and i can play anytime on the weekends.