Levanthia (Levi) the Nymphai Spawn

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Summary: Levi (pronounced levee) is a Strategical Marks-woman of mythical origin. Being one with nature and an archer, her family trees have intertwined for the best.


Damage:44 (+3)
Attack speed: 0.680 (+4)
Range: 575
Health: 360 (+88)
energy: 200
move speed: 335
Armor: 13 (+3.75)
M. resist: 30 (+0)
Health regen: 7 (+.55)
Energy Regen: 50

Skill set:

Passive: Photon
Every 5th attack blinds its target for .75 second
Levanthia has Energy, she uses it as Light.

Q: Spiked Barbs
Being one with nature Levanthia emerges thorns from her wooden arrows after they have struck their target.
Dealing: 8/14/20/26/32 +25% bonus ad that applies as an on hit effect.

Cost: 20/18/16/14/12 energy per arrow
Cooldown: toggle .5
Range: 575 (same as auto)

W: Debris
Levanthia causes a breakable curved wall of poisonous plants to erupt. The wall blocks movement, is able to be targeted, and does not block attacks going through it. Debris lasts for 6 seconds dealing (20/35/50/65/80) magic damage (+40% of ap) per second to units touching or within a 125 radius of the Debris.
Debris has a health of 120 (+60 per skill level) health, and will either be destroyed after 6 seconds or when enough damage has been done to it through auto attacks or brute force.

Cost: 80 energy
Cooldown: 28/25/22/19/16
Range: 800

E: Lightstep
Passive: When Levanthia moves through brush she steals the light that has been synthesized and regains energy at a 110%/120%/130%/140%/150% rate
Active: Levanthia pushes herself forward using the wind to glide her 225 units. She does not become in any way invulnerable nor does she deal damage while "Lightstepping".

Cost: 60 energy
Cooldown: 1 stack per 18 seconds/6 seconds while in brush. Max 3 stacks. .25 second cool down in between uses.
Range: 225

R: ReCharge
Levi Channels for 2 seconds (She stays vulnerable) rejuvenating 300/375/450(+66% of bonus ad) health over 12 seconds. Levi glows during the 12 seconds allowing any champion within 450 range of ReCharge to regain a portion (20% allies/50% enemies) of health at the rate Levi is healing per second.

Cost: none
Cooldown: 100/80/60

Long ago a female spirit of the nature world, that belonged to the order of the Nymphai, was betrothed to a human hunter that knew to only take what he needed off the land. The spirit bore a child. Although part nymph, it was bound to Runeterra. When news of this conception reached the order. The mother Nymph was sentenced to execution. The human father smuggled Levanthia out of harms reach, and scattered toward the borders of the Plague Jungles that were currently unaffected by the ongoing rune wars, and built a home. Levi grew fond of the archery she witnessed from her father so she practiced and learned how to interact with it like only a nymph could. Ageing ever so slowly, Levi appears as a teenager. Though she has outlived most, she resides in the most hidden parts of the forest, while not on duty at summoners rift.

Finishing notes: <-- ironic since this is a work in progress(all my cool downs & damage ratios are probably horrible), I'm sure its nowhere close to finished, but this is just to show people my ideas for a form of an archer/healer type champion. Thankyou for reading, please give me your feedback. Especially if it is constructive criticism.