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Best ranged character? Best melee character?

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A few advices for new players:

1. Do not ever use RP on something you can get with IP. It is totally a waste of money.

2. Are you familiar with this kind of game? Have played this type of game before (such as DOTA)? If you do, you can go directly to real game. If not, I strongly advice you to play with AI first.

3. Don't buy too many character at beginning. Save you IP for runes. Runes will enhance your character's advantage.

4. Daruis is ok for melee. Practice him and get to know this character. As you getting well with this character, you will start to notice other characters' advantage and disadvantage as well.

5. I only have played Zigg a few times, I feel him can be some what hard to use. For magic damage range character (aka: APC), I recommend Fiddlestick, good sustain skill set and easy to use.

6. Physical damage range character (aka: ADC), I always recommend Ash to new player for one particular reason: force them to learn work as team. Ash doesn't have any escape skill except two optional summoner spells. When you learn playing Ash, you will be forced to learn every aspect the ADC needs to know, how to position, who and when to attack, last hit....etc, and most importantly, STAY WITH YOUR TEAM ALL THE TIME.

7. last, but not the least. You are new to this game and you WILL make mistake. This is natural. However, this game's environment is not very friendly right now. Like Mambazo said, a lot experienced play create new account for miscellaneous reason. They will for certain yell at you when you make mistakes (not me, I'm always nice ^_^). You must be prepared to face those criticize. Myself also have several accounts. I have those accounts under the impression that I can get the rewards from friend referral program. I was mistaken and stop making new account since then. Occasionally, I still play those account to test some characters that I have never, or rarely, played with.

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Melee - Soraka
Ranged Soraka

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There really isn't a 'best'. Different champions are good at different things and have niche strengths along with their general role. Ezrael and Graves are both good ranged attack damage champions, but they have very different nuances.

For a newer player getting used to LoL, I would suggest becoming familiar, in a basic way, with what roles and strategies exist and picking a good champion to play in each. You can work on greater mastery once you understand the basics.

Some champions are simpler and require a little less specilized knowledge than others, so with an eye towards that, I suggest Taric or Sona for support, Graves or Caitlyn for ranged attack damage, Karthus or Ryze for mid, Warwick or Udyr in the jungle, and Shen in the top lane. These champions, while not really 'simple', are often somewhat more forgiving than others. I would actively advise against, say, Ezrael, who's skillshot based gameplay and emphasis on aggressive often make him extremely unforgiving in the hands of a less experienced player.

Skarner would be another good choice. Good in the jungle. Not a 'traditional' top lane choice, but in lower-experience games, more than capable of managing.

I started playing League of Legends this January 2013 so what he said is true. I started by trying out the free champions during bot games and testing out their abilities to get used to them. Then I read and got tips from fellow players and friends playing the game and my higher level friends invited me to play Blind Pick games with them so I can learn to play with some strategy, since higher level plays are different from low level ones.

For AD Carry, I started off with Caitlyn and Ashe. Yes, they're both squishy but Caitlyn has the highest range among AD Carries, as far as I know, and Ashe has good abilities to farm, poke, and her ult can stun + damage so she's a good champ to learn damage dealing with.

For top, the first champ I ever liked was Wukong; I like him still. Another top champion that I found liking, to my surprise, is Teemo. I like him more for his utility, since his ult makes him plant mushrooms that can act as wards and can deal damage and slow once walked on by enemies. His Blind is also useful for helping the team's AD Carry get the upper hand on the enemy AD Carry, since it makes the enemy miss their auto-attacks for a few seconds. Another champion I quite liked is Xin Zhao. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that he didn't have an escape mechanism, so I do believe that Flash is necessary for him. Note that the Flash summoner spell becomes available only at Level 12.

For mid, the game recommended Annie and while her ult Tibbers is nice, I found her difficult to learn with and easy to get harassed by enemy mid burst mages with. I've wandered off to the Philippine LOL server once and tried Ahri when she was free there and found her to my liking. So, I was about to buy her now with a skin, but then server is offering the new champ Quinn + Phoenix Quinn skin on a bundle sale so I am thinking right now whether to buy Ahri or Quinn. :P

I have no one to recommend jungling with, as I haven't learned how to jungle yet. I tried, but it's quite difficult since you fall behind on experience and Creep Scores (CS) and you have to have good map awareness. Because of this feature, the only way you will earn money is by giving ganks. That is, positioning yourself to trap and surprise attack or pincer attack an enemy with your laner teammate and killing him. As a jungler, therefore, you primarily earn money by providing assists or obtaining kills. You need to keep an eye on which of your fellow teammates would benefit from a gank then, and this demands good map awareness. If there is an enemy jungler, you need to keep an eye on him as well since you need to warn your teammates if they're going to get ganked and hinder his progress on obtaining blue or red buffs in your jungle, which should instead be used by you or used by one of your teammates. (For example, a blue buff on Lux would be good since it would mean she gets to spam her abilities/spells and her spells are good Crowd Controls (CCs). Buying wards is a must to assist your teammates too.

And so, I have since resigned myself to learning it once I'm level 30.

There are a lot of things to learn and your play style may be different from your friend, so reading guides and knowing which champion is good at what is a good start. I find it best to end up with champions you will find using a lot, even if they were expensive.

For example, I have Annie and Garen which are only 450 IP but I don't find myself using them much at all. Ashe, however, I find myself using from time to time.

I hope you enjoy your time learning and find champions you absolutely love. The champions I'm in love with, I've already bought skins with and it has made me love them more. I'm sure you'll understand in the future. Ciao!

P.S. Another fundamental thing: Read The Summoner's Code. You can report other players for unacceptable behavior in this game. That is how the server tries to maintain a good community. To be honest, it works. I've found less undesirable players who just troll and trash talk or swear at you just because compared when I was playing DotA with Garena. You don't even need to make a mistake for these people to harass you. If they've broken Summoner's Code, whether it is for you or the enemy team, please be concerned enough to report them.

Otherwise, if players have been helpful (good teachers), friendly, just plain awesome teammates, or opponents you actually feel glad to have lost to (they can be friendly, helpful with learning how to play the game, good players, or all of the above), there are corresponding Honors you can award to them at the end of each match. Note that awarding Honors has a limit, so I suggest you bestow it only on people you really do believe deserve it.

Let's promote the kind of community we want: One that is filled with friendly competition, sportsmanship, teamwork, and, most of all, fun.

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Master Yi my favorite melee champion

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The answer is always Karthus.

ya but Karthus is realy cheap which is why he is know as "press R to win" and is normaly baned frome a lot of games

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ranged: ashe for beginners, and karthus

melee: Master Yi and warwick

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Karthus isn't the best for beginners. I suggest
Master Yi

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Tw1st3d F4t3

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The easiest bot lane range would be Caitlyn, I mean 625 range can be abused

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Ranged Nidalee, ask Bischu he will tell you Nidalee can be anything you want her to be XD because of her passive and her cougar form W, in most situations (99.999999%) you get away if you need to.
Also I like Cass a lot too, I think she's like an op troll version of teem just watches people run away thinking they'd live, but die from poison hahahahh, her ultimate is so op if landed right, I have seen many Cass getting penta by herself because of the ult stuns.

Melee I like Akali she really requires no skills to play compared to Nidalee, and she runs away too most of the time with her shroud.

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personal preference, and skill, that shows who YOU think is the best. But as for opinions, I would say Jax or Fiora are the best melee duel-ists. As for ranged, some hyper carry, like Ezreal, Vayne, Graves, Corki, I don't normally play AD Carry, but I know these guys are the strongest out of the bunch atm

You named one hypercarry...