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Do you agree with my solutions?

Yes you agree and wish riot add these fixes 3 25%
Maybe... 4 33.33%
No i don't agree and you don't think the fixes are good 5 41.67%
Voters 12 .

4vs5 need fixes

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wats it to you

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I just lost a 4vs5 ranked match that i should have clearly won. Now i know that everyone has at least had one 4vs5 before and you should know how it's not fair. So i am here to tell riot to fix some problems if you are faced in a 4vs5

1. Lower the death timer for the team that has 4 people.
-if you lower the death timer then the people will have a much better chance in winning late game because they can defend and push faster making it a bit easier.

2. Try to add health,attack speed,and a bit of strength to towers
-in a 4vs5 the group with 5 members will clearly be at an advantage especially with diving because they outnumber the other team so if you added extra stuff to the towers they wouldn't be able to dive as often and get fed off of those kills

3. One more problem would be the gold difference
-i think if you were able to up the amount of gold from minions and jungle creeps the group with less people will have a better chance in catching up to the opposing teams gold. This way when an actual team fight happens the team with 4 won't be at such an disadvantage in items. Know you may think that with 3 solo lanes you would have more farm and gold but if you had a missing jungler for example, their jungler could go into the other jungle farm,gank and won't have to worry about the other jungler and if he ganks successfully he gets more gold and the lane that died loses out on farm

Now i hope everyone agrees with me on these problems and i hope these solutions are good that riot could find a way to add these fixes. i will add a toll for those who agree with me and if you don't tell me the problem