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[CHAMPION] - Hyvorl, the Sugary Deathtrap

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Attack power - 4/10
Defense power - 9/10
Ability power - 7/10
Difficulty - 5/10

support, jungler, mage, ranged

Lore: In Noxus, yordles were not necessarily seen as top tier citizens. Despite Katarina Du Couteau's insistence that Noxians respect other people, there have been reports otherwise. In fact, Veigar was often spoken of as a cautionary tale for those of Bandle City who tried to make a living in Noxus.

Of course, one yordle baker decided to break the mold, primarily out of defiance. The amber-coloured yordle followed Katarina's call of yordles to arms in the Noxian Military. Despite being regarded as an ordinary baker, Hyvorl proved his worth. He did so through usage of very unorthodox techniques. First, he proclaimed unrequited love for Katarina Du Couteau, which won the sympathy of many Noxian commanders, although not all of the Noxian High Command regarded Hyvorl's emotions as holding much merit. Second, Hyvorl acted as a spy, weakening foes with his deceptively appetizing cakes, which had necromantic enhancements which the yordle learned from his superiors. Third, Hyvorl turned out to be a menace even when not cooking, as he learned how to shoot from afar.

However, Hyvorl's success still had a glass ceiling element to it, despite all he had done during the time before the League of Legends was formed. Even simple things like supplying all Noxian miners in Kalamanda with surplus rations, or aiding his fellow yordle friends in Bandle City with bake sales, or even applying for a job at Sinful Succulence so he could learn some of Morgana's recipes... nothing won him Crimson Elite status that others had. Eventually Hyvorl decided earning his Crimson Elite status would come in the form of doing what the others had done - joining the League of Legends to prove his worth on behalf of Noxus.


Passive: Emergency Provisions - When at or below 30% health, Hyvorl gains 20% Lifesteal and 10% Spell Vamp for 15 seconds.

Hyvorl's not going to be very good at sustain early-game, so his passive is present to allow him to be able to get back on his feet should he be focused while supporting, or struggling while jungling (although Cloth + 5 red sodas is more than enough to keep Hyvorl healthy if playing him correctly).

Named after the fact Hyvorl provides rations for not only others, but for himself. In the case of this passive, he saves his rations for emergency situations. As a baker and someone closely connected with food, Hyvorl learns to appreciate when it is appropriate to use food as a source of turning the tide in battle.

Q: Innervating Lock-It Bread - Hyvorl hurls a necromantically-enhanced baguette which stuns for 3/3/3/3/3 seconds. Furthermore, for 6 seconds, the stunned target takes 15/25/35/45/55 (+.5 AP) damage per second. (costs 85/100/100/100/115 mana, and has a 13 sec. cooldown)

Named after the infamous Innervating Locket, Hyvorl's Q does the exact opposite in that it gives damage over time instead of health regeneration. It allows Hyvorl to still play a very good support because almost all supports have some form of crowd control which they abuse. As such, the Lock-It Bread qualifies as a stun.

W: Priscilla's Dominion - Hyvorl summons a stealthed spider-shaped pastry which gives vision of his environment for 1/1/2/2/3 minutes. If an enemy were to be within 10 units of the spider pastry, it will explode and cover the enemy in a web which roots him/her for 3/4/4/4/4 seconds. (costs 35/50/65/80/105 mana, and has a 8 sec. cooldown; furthermore, you cannot put more than two of the spider pastry's on the board)

Hyvorl's W allows him to gank people while jungling. It's not too particularly effective at much else, as when Hyvorl is a support the snare is the only real benefit to an otherwise inferior version of the standard Wards that support Hyvorl should be getting anyway. The explosion does no damage, and is meant to just be there as a pseudo-ward similar to Caitlin's yordle traps, Nidalee's snaptraps, or Shaco's Jack-In-The-Box. However, I'd rather get my hamburgers from reliable damage over time and fears than a snare that does no bonus damage and not much else. At least Caitlin's traps grant her temporary vision of her enemy, as do Nidalee's damage-over-time snaptraps.

E: Phreak of Nature -

Passive: Hyvorl gains (+.25 AP) bonus Attack Damage.

Active: For five seconds, Hyvorl also gains 12% health regen. The Active's cooldown is 10 seconds, and the Active costs 10/20/30/40/50 mana to cast.

E is what you're supposed to get first while jungling. The Spell is called "Phreak of Nature" because of the named person who jungles with a lot of characters. However, it also doubles as more lore fodder as Hyvorl's acts of defiance stemmed from people in Bandle City originally not liking his confectionary delights, calling him a freak of nature also for liking Noxus' ideals. Hyvorl generally hallucinates this isolation, and often uses the jungle as a means of imitating payback to childhood bullies.

R: Omen's Genesis - Hyvorl summons a dishonest, gigantic cake right where he is standing. On top of it, Hyvorl will then cast another necromantic spell which does (+1 AP) burst damage. The attack also scatters multiple enemies, sending them in all directions. Allies can use the giant cake to replenish 10% of their health back for 13 seconds before the cake eventually explodes to do the scatter attack on foes. (costs 100/200/300 mana, and has a 90 sec. cooldown)

Omen's Genesis is the ideal of a support ultimate. It allows allies to click on the cake to consume it and replenish health, while once the cake expires it explodes and sends foes scattering, which is a crowd control aspect both Gragas and Janna's ultimates employ to great effect. It heals like Janna's ult, too, albeit for slightly longer. 90 sec. is more than enough for an ultimate cooldown and also keeps Hyvorl in check so he does not become overpowered.


So, what do you all think? I made the Sugary Deathtrap with jungling and supporting as ideal roles for the awesome yordle. I noticed none of the yordle champs could currently jungle, but in the event that the jungle spot was taken I decided to make our friend more of a help to lanes as well by allowing him to support. Theoretically, he could also make a good top lane candidate as his toolkit can be used to crowd control and pseudo-ward that lane while taking a bit of damage from whoever opposes him in battle.

He's also a really good Brick Joke character, as many of his character traits were taken wholesale from the many Journals of Justice before it was shut down.