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Who do you prefer on Twisted?

Teemo 8 42.11%
Cho-Gath 6 31.58%
Master-Yi 1 5.26%
Kennen 2 10.53%
Darius 3 15.79%
Diana 0 0%
Tryndamere 1 5.26%
Fiddlesticks 0 0%
Sona 2 10.53%
Volibear 3 15.79%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 19 .

Awesome Teemo!

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LegitxJoe Daddy

Senior Member


Hey guys I have found lately that teemo on twisted is an awesome champ. In the begging get berserker greaves and 2 nashors tooth this helps alot with attack speed an a little ability power. Then go snatch a rod of ages or 2 and lastly work on getting an ionic spark! not only does his ulti do so much since it is such a small map but now u can really push lanes! Hope u like it thumbs up

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Quick Rawr

Senior Member


Those poll choices make sense..........

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Senior Member


I just noticed as well xD I suck at PVP (>.<') but I did real well with Teemo in Twisted Treeline, as opposed to the Summoner's Rift. The first one was a quick game, so I went 3-3-9, but the second one (okay, I played two Twisted Treeline games yesterday)... I went 11-9-17, which surprised me to no end. The one Summoner's Rift game I did recently, my team won, barely, and I went 4-6-?? (something I don't remember >.&lt.

I go with Ruby Crystal first, for survivability, and help with the pre-minion bloodfest (I call it that xD), and get E first, and max it first (most people already do that at least). At lv. 2, I get Blinding Darts, and lv. 3, I get Move Quick. I also try to rush into the bot mid bush thing ASAP, as long as there's not an enemy Teemo or any other stealth champ. I get Boots of Speed next (or the big boots if I have enough gold for it outright), and get Berserker's Greaves. Next, I rush Frozen Mallet, then Madred's Bloodrazor. If that doesn't work out, I go for Malady, which is cheaper, but still has a good attack speed boost and on-hit effect. Afterwards, I get either Bloodrazor (if I haven't), Malady (if I haven't), or Wit's End, although sometimes, I go for Void Staff/Last Whisper for the magic/armor pen. Finally, I get a Bloodthirster/Executioner's Calling for Lifesteal, or Rylai's, if I want to get the mushrooms to do more damage and slow double. Usually, I only ever get to the part before I build Lifesteal/Rylai's, so it depends, honestly.

Either way, Teemo's a great champ to play if you are good at moving around and harassing enemies, and good at spamming your ult (mushrooms).