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I'd like to start by saying i have plenty of time to kill between college classes. I suck at lore, but if you can make a lightning gerbil and a sewer rat in there i figured these wouldnt be too hard.. I make new characters that id have fun playing someday sooo enjoy x).

Smoke ~ AP Caster
P, Where there is fire...: Increases damage per debuff on enemy targetted by X amount.
Q, Smoke cloud: Summons cloud of smoke slowing and dealing % damage Higher level increases the size damage and duration
W, Smoke ball: Shoots a smoke ball that attaches to first enemy hit, should the enemy encounter or be in the smoke cloud a 1 second stun is applied
E, Dissipate: Smoke dissipates travels a short duration and reforms, dealing damage along the path and when he reforms.
R, Cling: Attaches to target enemy gaining 30% of their ability power for 4 seconds, cannot be targeted while clinging.
The balance on smoke is that A once he is done burst hes basicly useless until his cds reset and B Once his ult finishes he is in mid battle and C if an enemy were to run with him he would be further into enemy lines turret or alistar ETC

Beetle, tank, bruiser, jungler. (lack of better name)
P, Horned: Every third attack is used with his horns, and knocks the enemy up
Q, Ram: Charges area knocking back enemies near horns.
W, Exoskeleton: Creates shield around Beetle increasing his armor for a duration aswell.
E, Sludge trail: Marks ground behind leaving slow and damage, remains active for 5 seconds
R, Burrow: Burrows under ground for 5 sec unable to be seen Ignores walls, can activate early to come up early, low cooldown used often. 20-40sec
Perhaps switch Passive and E? idk,
The balance on Beetle is that he doesnt do large amounts of damage and his ulty has a 5 second duration making it not as viable as other escape methods.

Whip, Long range ADC MY PERSONAL FAVE <3<3
P, Spiked whip: Shreds target armor by 2% Per hit, stacks 5 times
Q, Flick and lash: First active lashes all enemies in a cone applying passive, Second active lashes enemies in a cone knocking them back, also applying passive
W, Lasso: Wraps enemy and pulls towards Self, dealing damage"
E, Overhead swing: Swings whip in a circle above her head dealing damage and slowing all affected enemies, also applies passive.
R, Marked to kill: Spikes on Whip increase in size dealing more damage, Also increases all passive debuff by 100% on all affected targets
The balance on whip is that she is super squishy, and possible shorter range due to melee weapon but i was thinking still a decent range because whips can be fairly long.

Ivy, perhaps Zyras brother or another plant character.
P, Poisoned vine: 5 seconds after landing a basic attack the target is slowed
Q, Wild growth: increases hp5 by 50/100/150/200/250 (+1.2% AP)
W, Ivy Sheild: Places a sheild on target Increasing armor and dealing magic damage back to attackers, Sheild is based on ivy's max hp
E, Ivy wall: Creates wall of ivy only ivy can walk threw
R, IDK a name for the ability but, 6sec cooldown between turning on and off, while off it has 10%cdr while active it increases all surrounding alies hp5/mp5 by 25% and Enemies caught in the surrounding area for 5 sec are rooted for 1 (smaller area for enemies.)
Balance for ivy, Health regen is an over time effect making last second heals not as possible, his E is only escape mechanism, so its a good one, and he is support, so squishy.

Hammer, Tanky AD/Bruiser 2 hammers, one in each hand
P, Duel wield: Second strike in quick succesion to each initial strike
Q, Overhead Smash: Jumps towards target smashing both hammers for damage and 1 second root
W, Thunderous clap: Smashes hammers together slowing enemies in cone infront of the clap
E, Side strike: Strikes with both hammers from the side, knocking enemies, to the side.
R, Ground pound: smashes the ground constantly for 5 seconds doing massive amounts of damage to those in the radius closer to the center unable to move whilst casting (similar to katarinas ult)
Balance: basic CC ult is easily escaped or disrupted

Hornet AP caster, either a human with a stinger gun or a hornet that shoots stingers. Uses Health as a resource
P, Stinger: Basic attacks Insert a stinger left inside for 10 sec dealing .25% per sec A second stinger cancels the first
Q, Poison sting: Damages target enemy refreshing pulsate and passive, if pulsate is refreshed target is slowed
W, Pulsate: stinger pulsates dealing more damage ticks every 1 sec for 5 sec total
E, Hallucinate: Stinger releases hallucinogens Fearing target for 2 seconds, Cooldown, 20/17/14/11/8
R, Collateral damage: Infects both self and target with stinger with a stacking debuff dealing magic damage until one target is dead
Balance: Only 1 target can be affected, Ultimate could very well kill yourself, making ignite a must have so healing doesnt work, long cd on CC move and uses health making him very weak before he has all 3 moves

Elemental, support
P, increases ap ratio by .1 globally to all spells
Q, Earth: Heals on ally cast, Reduces armor on enemy cast
W, water: restores mana Reduces MR on enemy cast
E, Air: Slows enemy or speeds up ally
R, Fire: Global AD/AP increased by 5%, Summons ring of fire stunning enemies as they enter or exit, and dealing damage. One stun per champion per activation of ulty
Balance: Support is squishy. low damage output, no CC except for ultimate