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Enlighten me, AD Nidalee players!

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Hey there.

Even if I prefer mid, there are times it's picked first so on those cases, I would go top lane. I usually go Riven, Fiora, or Kennen, but today, I decided to go top lane with Nidalee for once and totally owned enemy Rumble. Also, her laning was just so awesome.

On topic: I've read some guides in solomid.net but haven't found things I really want to know. So I decided to ask for help via forums.

Here goes:

1. When trying to kill your enemy, is cougar form more reliant than human form?

2. In human form, after you heal yourself and get the AS buff and turn to cougar, will the buff still be there?

3. Is armor penetration marks good for Nidalee?

4. What are her farming skills?

5. Does she have any skill combo's when fighting the enemy?

6. How does Triforce work with Nidalee?

7. Does she have any hard counters? As in counters so difficult that she has to stay passive all the time.

8. Is it fine if I rush Triforce after I get my second dorans?

9. How should a Nidalee fight in teamfights?

10. Can she gank well? Example if she pushed her lane, can she gank mid?

11. What is her most effective skill? Which is the strongest one that she should use more often? (Ex. Darius Q, Ahri Q, Cassiopeia Q, Kat E, etc.)

I think these are questions that I'm really curious at the moment. Short answers would be fine too. Any help itself would be so helpful though-

Thanks in advance!

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Look ill just size up this whole thing, while in human form you throw a spear and heal your self, go to cougar and now pounce on them auto att and then e (you should have proced you trinity 2x by now) and then you use your Q which does a whopping 450% extra AD damage if with trinity

So IE you rushed Trinity you might have 120 AD by now so about a 500-550 q in cougar form, but me i never really played AD nidaliee, because you know what i love to do ! , I LOVE TO THROW EM SPEARS MAN !

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I am an unranked player with only 400 wins under his belt, so my opinion may not count for much, but I main the solo top role and I am an avid Nidalee player (she was my first champ), so I'll try to answer these questions as best as possible.

1. When going for the kill, start in Human form, use your E for the attack speed boost, switch to Cougar form, Pounce on them, then E, and then Q last, because it scales off of AD and does tremendous amounts of damage when they're low. Throw in a couple of auto-attacks as necessary, and an Ignite, and the kill is yours.
General harassment strategies in lane include spamming spears (if they're not ranged) and bringing them as low as possible to either force them to B, or if they stay and fight, kill them. Always use E if they try to trade with you. Auto-attack kite them to death. If they get into melee range, switch to Cougar and W + E + Q.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, it helps her with her sub-average lategame scaling. I like to run Armor Pen Reds and Quints, Flat Armor Yellows, and MR per level Blues. Check a Solomid guide for the best rune set-up, because mine is not optimal - I'm on a budget :3

4. Really strong. Not as strong of a pusher as AP Nid (her Swipe in Cougar form (E) scales with AP and not AD), but she still farms like a boss. One of the best farmers in the game. I like to take Wriggles to capitalize on her strong point and make it even stronger.

5. See above.

6. It's her core item - the Phage procs allow you to kite the enemy better, the Sheen procs synergize with your Cougar form, and the Zeal is for the movement speed and crit chance. I always rush this after Wriggles.

7. I would assume Yorick (King of Top) should give her some troubles, but I have not faced a good Yorick yet. I'm sure there's some - search the forums.

8. Yes, some games I like to go Double Dorans instead of Wriggles. If you need a bit more survivability and NOT armor (against an AP top), Double Dorans works wonders. And yes, like I said above, Trinity is core on her and should be rushed ASAP.

9. You should be harassing with spears if you cannot get in range of a carry. Your main goal as any bruiser is to disable a carry, and Nid is no exception. If you CAN get in range of a carry, use E in Human form, switch to Cougar, W + E + Q + Ignite and a couple of autoattacks should do the trick. The thing with Nid is that she has no CC at all (except for Phage procs), so you have to have good killing potential. I like to build a heavy AD item on her (like Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge or Last Whisper) to ensure she has that killing potential.

10. She can, but her lack of CC makes it hard. There are other better top choices for that (Warwick and Cho'gath come to mind).

11. Nidalee is all about combo and spears, so she has no "strongest" skill. Her most USEFUL skill is her Pounce, because you can backdoor the **** out of the enemy, and then run away with insane speed. For 1v1, it's her Q in Cougar form, because it's a finisher and does insane damage when they're low. For teamfights, her E in Cougar form is great because it's AoE.

Tip: Make sure you use your W in Human form (the trap) to ward brushes from junglers while you have no wards. This has saved me countless amounts of times.

I hope I answered most of your questions. AD Nidalee is a top lane beast.

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1. Cougar form for burst, farming and mobility. Human for for kiting early game, healing and poking.

2. Yup.

3. Yup.

4. Pounce and Swipe.

5. Pounce in, autoattack once, Swipe then Takedown back to back. Follow up with human form autos if they retreat and toss a spear in for good measure if you're not going to chase them.

6. It works very, very well.

7. Yorick, Shen, Kennen (to a point), Akali can be difficult too. I can't think of others.

8. Depends on how the game is going. If you need to tank up early, tank up early. Nid's base damages in cougar form are quite good so you won't suffer too much doing this.

9. Chase down the squishies and kill them. If you can't, stay back in human form and wear people down with autos and try to set up your traps in a way that will be beneficial when to your team. Don't waste all your mana on harrassing with your spears since they won't be doing all that much and you'll want the mana for your heal. Try to use your heal on your carry since they'll get way more out of the AS buff than you by the time teamfights start.

10. She can jump in and burst pretty easily, yes.

11. All of her skills are useful. AD Nid relies more on her cougar spells than her human ones, but all of her human skills give her utility, even the (by late game) weak spear throws you'll have.