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What Do You Think The Number One Reason New Players Lose Is

Inability to group 6 21.43%
Poor positioning 8 28.57%
Poor Farming 2 7.14%
Poor Itemization 3 10.71%
Inability to Pick a Good Team Comp 5 17.86%
Other 4 14.29%
Voters 28 .

Number one reason new players lose games

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Judas Priest

Senior Member


They lose because they are new and don't know a lot of important things. I didn't vote for any option because I think all of them are equally important.

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Dude Im a wizard

Junior Member


Inability to group: Certainly this is a common problem and a reason why people lose games, but I think there are more fundamental things that new players have bigger problems with.

Poor positioning: This is my vote. New players don't understand where to be. They might not know about being overextended. They might not know about being caught when the enemy is missing. They might not even know to stand behind minions to avoid skillshots. I think new players have problems with positioning right from the start, before they ever need to group.

Poor Farming: Definitely something that new players need to learn, but I think everyone learns qucikly that more farm = more money = more power.

Poor Itemization: New players can always go with the suggested items, which are probably not terrible. They won't be the best picks but there are worse disadvantages to have.

Inability to Pick a Good Team Comp: Again, there are bigger problems for new players. Even the best team comp will lose if the players don't know the basics.

Other: Maybe worse than poor positioning is players not being familiar with game mechanics. Not knowing how your champ works or how enemy champs work is dangerous.

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Overextending is probably reason #1 new players lose games. I feel like the hardest thing to do in this game is not to get tunnel vision.

Reason #2 is probably completely ignoring farming/last hitting.

As a moderately new player (level 15), I think these were probably the biggest mistakes I made early on. Prioritizing getting kills over farming and sometimes even surviving was definitely a mistake I made and one I've seen others make. My early games involved a huge number of pointless deaths either going for futile turret dives hoping to get a kill and starting a fight with every enemy champion I saw even when it would have been better to stay back and play more cautiously.

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Senior Member


I think one of the biggest mistakes I made and I see lots of new players make is going after kills too hard.

Most experienced players know that the gold from last hitting every minion in one minion wave is more gold than killing an enemy champion. Moreover, getting experience is very important.

And even if you're not good at last hitting minions, it's still better to simply stay alive and get the experience (and the occasional lucky last hit) than it is to go chasing after enemy champions, risking death.

As you become better at the game, you can start to learn when you can and can't kill a champion, but anyone that I've introduced to the game has pretty much been told "In the first 10 minutes, not dying is far more important than getting kills on the enemy champions."