Losing In Late Game

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I've recently found myself and my team losing in late game(35+ minutes), and have noticed a couple things.

AD Carry engaging a fight, other team splitting our team apart without even touching us, etc.

My questions are:
What is optimal positioning throughout the team?

What is the play when baron is down, dragon is down, and you and your enemy are almost the same in gold?

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Sir KickBan

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One of the biggest problems is communication, whatever you're doing, your whole group has to know about it, and be part of it. If you're in a premade, just talk more, pick a "strategist", stuff like that. In a solo/duo queue, though, your best bet is pinging absolutely everything that needs to be done.

Biggest thing to coordinate is your pre-fight consolidation, i.e. the positioning game that goes on before the fight starts. if your group is getting split up at this point, you'll probably lose that teamfight. You need to make it obvious to your team where you're attacking (attacking the tower, securing a bush, a specific champion, buffs, etc.), as well as where you need to retreat to if things go poorly. In premades, be effective enough that your team wants to follow in your wake, so if you push they push, if you pull back they'll bloody well follow.

Ontop of that is just everyone knowing their role. Carries at the back, tanks in front, bruisers flanking. Be clear on who's initiating, generally the tank but not always. Let your team know that that's the initiator, and that nobody goes in before them, no matter how easy that kill looks.

If baron and dragon are down, and you're even in gold, it really comes down to team composition. Do whatever your team is best at, if you've got a lot of long-range mobility you can split push, play defensively and wait for them to break up so you can fight them Y vs X, where Y > X (you're Y).

If you've got a team with a lot of harass, push to their towers and chip away at them. When they're low enough, initiate with your heaviest burst, then your CC. If they pull back from the tower then take it, or at least hurt it as much as you can. If they try to engage on the tower when you're taking it, use CC, pull back, and hit them with your burst. Ideally you can freeze their counterattack and resume poking. If not, harass them while you retreat, try to get them to break off the chase.

If you've got neither then you have to take control of the map. Ward the vital points, clear both jungles, and don't let lanes push out of their base. You can force them to split their defences between their three lanes, so you should be able to group up on either an undefended tower or a lightly defended one, and do as much damage as you can. The main thing is to let them get as little of an advantage as possible. Even scratching their tower is a win if they gain no gold or map control from it.