[Champion Concept] Mika Belevich, Commandant of the Gray

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Though eventually digging into multiple references the idea for Mika sprung up when I was watching Tank Girl while waiting for the movie that was coming on after it. As I was watching it I was given the basic structure of what would become Mika Belevich, a mercenary from Zaun.

Fun Facts

Mika is the first to use a new, more in-depth champion layout.
Though Tank Girl started the wheels of creativity, Mira Han (SC2), Winry (FMA), Jack (ME series), Major (Ghost in the Shell) and some others were looked up for comparison and adaptation.
I drew up her appearance about a week and a half before this post. After completion of Mika I found out she looked very, very similar to the secretly revealed Vi. So her appearance may/will likely change.
The sides of her head are shaved, leaving long and often colored hair on the top.
Viktor had the technology, so he rebuilt her.
Mika has a Russian accent.
The quote from her ultimate is a reference to the A-Team.
Revealed Version

Mika Belevich, Commandant of the Gray

Attachment 573872


Attack: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Health: [X][X][X][X][X]
Difficulty: [X][X][X][X][X][X]
Spells: [X][X][X][>]

[X] = 1 point. Max is 10 points.
[>] = .5 points.

Assassin, Jungle, Ranged

Item Recommendations

Attachment 636988Attachment 573870Attachment 636987Attachment 631143Attachment 631145Attachment 631149


Holoform (Passive) - Mika eludes death by leaving behind a holographic image and disappearing, cleansing any abilities that would kill her as she escapes. Ability range is increased while Auto-Sight is active.

Kill Shot - Mika fires a single bullet that can pierce through multiple units and ricochet off of walls. At level 5 it upgrades to Spread Shot, allowing her to detonate the ability for an area of effect explosion.

Auto-Sight - Her attack speed, movement speed and critical chance are increased and her auto attacks cannot be blocked, absorbed, dodged or returned. Keen Eye (Passive) gives her life steal.

Zaunite Care Package - Mika places one of three packages on the ground at her feet. One package will slow enemies that get caught in the blast. The second package will knock multiple enemies into the air. The third package causes a damage over time poison. Enemies trigger the package by stepping near it. Alternatively, the package can be detonated by using the ability again.

Ballistic Warfare - Mika pulls out a launcher and fires a round into the sky. The fired projectile breaks into smaller projectiles to damage enemy champions. If used with an unplaced Zaunite Care Package the projectile will match the package.


Mika was in her late teens when she entered the world of a mercenary, just in time to join in on a Noxian campaign. Over the course of several years she quickly rose in the ranks of a mercenary band. After the leaders sent her on a suicide mission she came back as the only survivor and seized control of the rest of the remaining mercenaries. From the ashes of the old band arose the newly formed Gray Raiders who returned to Noxus as a war hero and, with the city's backing, became the Minister of Security over Zaun.

Mika would spend the next few months doing both foreign and domestic missions for Zaun, quickly growing in notoriety across Runeterra. She was in the city when her brother Viktor’s lab was attacked by Jayce. Attempting to assist as needed, Mika found herself caught in an explosion. During the time Viktor thought he saw Jayce assault his sister, though the assailant actually dragged her to safety though the damage had already been done. to her. Mika fell unconscious and woke to find that most of her body had been fitted with technology that was required for her to continue functioning as the Minister of Security. Wanting answers from the unknown man, Mika left for Piltover as soon as she was fit for duty. After chasing Jayce through Piltover, she wound up being captured by Caitlyn and held prisoner until she was identified.

After finding out who the Sheriff had captured, the Institute of War had no choice but to intervene.The Minister of Security was being held against her will in a foreign city-state, stirring up the already existing hostility between Piltover and the combined Zaun and Noxus. Having no other choice, the Institute forced Mika into joining the League in order to keep an eye on her.

Champion Tips

Playing as Mika

Be careful of enemy ganks as Mika has little means of escape.
If your enemy is making it hard to hit them try lining up a shot off of a wall.
Zaunite Care Package can be used both offensively and defensively depending on your needs.

Playing Against Mika

Be wary of pushes and her leading you into a possible trap.
Make sure you stay near her if you don’t see her death animation. She’s not done yet!
Anticipate what she’s going to do with her ultimate as it has three different phases, each with a unique effect.
Complete Version


It had been a while since her captives had let her outside. Mainly since the last few times they had let her out she had almost escaped and injured many guards in the process. Now she was being escorted from her holding cell and although she could try so again, Mika was curious as to where she was being taken to. It came as a surprise when sunlight poured through a door leading out of the prison.

All she could do was raise her hands to prevent the sun from blinding her. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh air before dropping them once more, the chains clanging lightly around her wrists. What she enjoyed more was the nervous guards that surrounded her and took a defensive pose with every unexpected move she made. Only after she dropped her hands did they push her onward, a sly grin on her face.

The Piltover guards constantly glared at the woman as they escorted her through the main building. It seemed like their captive was liking the time out of her cell, a fact that frustrated the men. The truth was that although the exercise was nice and the scenery was new, Mika was mapping out a location she did not remember seeing before. Each door they passed through, each corridor they passed by, with what hallways branched from there and every room she managed to peak into was easily cataloged into her memory if she ever needed to tap into such knowledge.

It wasn’t long before they had reached their destination. The intricately carved doorway led into a large and equally decorated room where several people sat against the far wall, looking at the chair that sat idle in the center between them and the guards coming in. With their movement echoing loudly in the room, they led Mika to the chair where they forced her to sit. Giving a little fight for her whims, she finally settled into the chair and sat until the movements behind her quieted down.
“Mika Belevich, sister to one Viktor of Zaun, wanted criminal of Piltover,” the man in the middle boomed.

As he spoke Mika retrieved a crudely wrapped cigarette from her chest piece and lit it using the tips of her hexamaturgic hand. She knew who these people were, even if she had yet to meet them face to face before now. She did recognize two faces as Jayce, her brother’s rival and her own mark, and Caitlyn, Piltover’s sheriff and her captor, sat closest to one of the many stained windows. The three in front of her were the ones that led Piltover’s judicial branch and were here only to place their judgments upon her. Then on the other side was an old colleague of hers who served as an ambassador of Zaun next to someone she was completely unfamiliar with.

“Before we continue with your crimes I am merely curious,” came the voice of the woman to his right. “Mika, you are being charged with some serious crimes here today. As one of Runeterra’s most notorious individuals, I’m really curious about how you came to be and why the way you are.”

“So, you want to hear a story?” she said as she exhaled a bit of smoke. “Fine. I shall tell you this story and by the end of it I will be walking out of here a free woman.”


There are very few who are as uncaring, relentless and effective as the head of Zaun’s military forces. Less than that have achieved her level of infamy across all of Runeterra. Known for her prowess in infiltration as well as brute force, Mika Belevich became a scourge on the other city-states when it came to domestic concerns. There wasn’t a person or object that was safe when she was on the job. An aspect that played heavily in her favor since the beginning of her career.

Though her brother urged her to reconsider, Mika sought to join a well established band of mercenaries that were being recruited for a Noxian campaign. Knowing he could not persuade her, Viktor gave his younger sister a weapon and field kit he had designed for her. Shortly after Mika was traveling from battlefield to battlefield as she fought Noxian wars for them. The few mercenaries that grew close to her saw that the young girl enjoyed what they did and had a natural affinity for it.

Each task she was given was completed quickly and efficiently, often leaving a large mess in her wake. Though destructive, her feats made her rise quickly through the ranks until she stopped near the top. Unsatisfied with being an officer in their ranks, Mika sought for others ways to continue higher; even take over. Her opportunity would come shortly before the end of the campaign.

Mika and a handful of her comrades were given a task to infiltrate enemy lines and take the head of a Demacian commander. The mission was going smoothly until they arrived at their target’s location. It was then that they realized that their command had sent them into a trap. Though her fellow mercenaries had been killed in the struggle, Mika returned heavily wounded with her prize in hand. After presenting the head to the leaders of the mercs she put a bullet in each of their surprised faces.

Mika Belevich had left home as a green recruit, eager to make something out of herself and returned home five years later as a celebrated war hero and leader of the newly formed Gray Raiders, a group of mercenaries named after the sky over Zaun. Due to their prowess and a nomination from Noxus, Chairman Magnus Dunderson indoctrinated the Raiders as Zaun’s official military branch, making Mika the commandant of their newly acquired force.

Viktor seized this opportunity to develop a weapon system for Zaun’s protection and pushes the plans upon the new Minister of Security. His sister was thrilled about the mounted turrets and requests them to be fitted to the outer walls. Eager to begin overseeing the project Viktor rushed to his laboratory. Several weeks would pass before she would hear from him again, all the while doing missions that took her all over the continent. It was on her return home when she finally heard from Viktor. She received news that was nothing short of a surprise.

With the news of her brother’s lab being under attacked, Mika rushed to the aid of her brother. She arrived to see the scattered remains of her brother’s followers and most of the lab aflame. She heard the sounds of fighting further in. When she pushed her way through the fire and emerged in Viktor’s inner study she found him contending with a man she had never seen before.


Viktor looked up to see his sister jump through the flames just as his assailant was readying a killing blow. The man immediately turned towards the newcomer, causing his shot to go off of its mark. The pulse blast struck the Arcane Crystal causing an explosion. The man immediately rushed towards Mika. She raised her weapon but found herself being tackled and forced back through the wall of flame. Something hot and sharp struck her arm and then her face.

“I’m sorry,” the man said as he lifted Mika and helped carry her out. “Collateral damage could not be prevented.”

The last thing she remembered was the man whispering to her as she came to rest on ground outside. The man’s face blurred as he spoke until it became one with the Zaun sky above them. When she woke up she was in the infirmary and heavily bandaged. Pain was wrecking her body and with every move, every breath she found it difficult to concentrate. When Viktor came into the room he found his sister doing everything she could to support herself while she looked out of the window.

It was there that he explained what exactly had happened. He had managed to escape the blast, just as Jayce had done. Though in his escape he attempted to take out Mika though all he managed to do was claim her arm and eye. The blast itself had caused one of her lungs to bursts as well as some other side effects that Viktor had to quickly go in and fix. When he had finished she had been modified with the latest of his technology, giving her a new eye, arm and replacing the organs she needed and fortifying the parts of her that needed it.

Knowing that if it hadn’t been for Jayce, Mika probably wouldn’t have made it out alive. Then again it was his fault that they had been in that situation to begin with. What she wanted to know was why exactly he was there to begin with. Viktor was unwilling to answer any questions she had regarding the event, letting her know that she didn’t need to be worrying about it or turning the conversation into a need to make sure her parts were running correctly.

With little choice at the time, Mika issued orders to her mercenaries from the infirmary until she was completely healed. Shortly after she was deemed fit for duty, the Minister of Security asked for some time off in order to tie up a lose end. They reluctantly let her go, assuming it was something she needed to do to finish healing.

Several weeks later there came a ruckus in Piltover. A firefight erupted in the streets between two individuals. A Piltovian man was being chased through the city, firing back on a woman giving chase. Mika had arrived in Jayce’s lab looking for information. He did not recognize her at first and thought her to be an assassin sent from Zaun. In retort he attacked his would be assassin and eventually fled, hoping to save his lab from the same fate as Viktor’s.

Mika chased him while having to avoid the energy bullets being fired at her and returning fire, not caring if she met other victims. Just as she had cornered Jayce and was beginning to interrogate him, the questions were interrupted by none other than the Piltover Police Department’s finest. Caitlyn snared the woman as her partner cuffed Mika. A few hours later she was in the safety of the city-states prison waiting to be identified.


Mika took a long drag from her cigarette before ashing it and exhaling the smoke. She took what was left of it and snuffed it out on her arm plate before pocketing it again. She leaned forward in her chair, eyeing the councilmen as she rested her elbows on her knees.

“To conclude this story we are here,” she said as she smirked at them.
“This is a grievous misunderstanding,” Jayce stepped forward. “She doesn’t know the truth behind what happened between Viktor and I.”
“Truth?” she raised her brow at him. “You destroyed my brother’s lab.”
“Viktor took a valuable artifact from me. He was going to…”

“Mika Belevich, leader of the Gray Raiders,” the councilman interrupted him, just as the woman next to him turned pale. “Wanted criminal of Demacia, Bilgewater, Ionia, Bandle City and Piltover. The accused is here facing the following crimes. One count of breaking and entering, one count of attempted murder, nine counts of murder in the first degree, twelve counts of assaulting an officer of Piltover, two counts of resisting arrest, three counts of attempted escape. How do you plead?”

“It matters not how I plead,” Mika smirked. “You are holding Zaun’s Minister of Security against her will.”
“Which both Zaun and Noxus are not taking lightly,” spoke up her ambassador.
“Neither is the Institute of War, mind you,” came the voice of the man she did not recognize. “No matter her crimes we cannot allow you to keep her prisoner here without upsetting the balance.”
“Well, ambassadors,” the man said as he shifted in his seat. “What would you have me do? We cannot simply let her go.”
“No, you cannot. Nor do we expect you to,” said the ambassador from the Institute. “We are more than willing to take out her punishment for you.”
“What did you have in mind? I surely hope you aren’t here to recruit another champion.”
“That is exactly what I had intended.”
“So you would be rewarding her for her crimes committed here?”
“Your honor, think of it like this. We are putting a leash on her that will allow us to note her every move. Runeterra would be safe. From her, at least.”

The councilman groaned and slumped in his chair just as Mika made a similar movement. She knew that she would enjoy participating in the League but loathed the way he just said it. A leash would definitely be more punishment than the reward of being one of their champions. She looked up to the sound of murmuring as the council whispered to themselves.

“Fine, fine!” the councilman threw up his hands in defeat. “Make sure she joins immediately so that we can keep eyes on this one. Meeting adjourned.”

Just as he said that Mika’s bindings fell to the ground. She kicked them to the side and mockingly bowed to the council before turning away from them. The ambassadors were already waiting for her by the exit when she got there. The two preceded on when she turned to look back at Jayce who met her eyes.

“Hey handsome. We’ll meet on the Fields of Justice and you can tell me the truth there,” she said with a grin and a wink before departing from the room.


Upon Selection:
Victory or....victory, comrade!

I am moving into position.
Orders received, summoner.
That is possible, yes.
En route, summoner.
Yes, yes. I got it!
This way, you said?
That way. No? This way?

I got my mark! Do you have yours?
Get merc’d!
Do svidaniya.
Click them again!

Holds her stomach like she’s wounded then falls down.

Zaunite. The one element you cannot handle.
Oh, I‘m so sorry. Was that your face?

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, comrade!
Yep. I’m only partially handy….get it? Da! I have one hand!
She points her gun and pulls the trigger but it doesn’t work. After smacking it a few times it blows up in her face, leaving behind black scorch marks which she rubs off.

P!nk - So What

Champion Interactions

Playing With Caitlyn -
Moving near: You have got to be hating this.

Playing Against Caitlyn -
Attacking: Boom, head shot. said in a mocking tone.

Playing With Jayce -
Moving near: Hello handsome, so what’s the truth? Hm?

Playing Against Jayce -
Attacking: This one is for my brother!

Playing With Viktor -
Moving near: Loving these upgrades, brother!

Playing Against Viktor -
Moving near: Let me show you what your tech can really do.

Health: 420 (+81)
Health Regen: 5.2 (+0.55)
Mana: 235 (+42)
Mana Regen: 6.5 (+0.50)
Range: 550
Attack Damage: 49.3 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.675 (+3%)
Armor: 14 (+3)
Mag. Resist: 30 (+0)
Movement: 330

Carry, Jungle, Ranged

Item Recommendations

Berserker’s Greaves (Alacrity)
The Bloodthirster
Infinity Edge
The Black Cleaver
Frozen Mallet
Guardian Angel


Name: Holoform
Effect: Mika absorbs a killing blow. She leaves a hologram in her place as she disappears. During this time she is cleansed of any crowd control effects, remains stealthed and is immune to damage for 1.5 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

Kill Shot
Effect: Mika fires a special round doing 40/70/100/130/160 (+80% Bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies in a line. If Kill Shot strikes the wall the bullet ricochets. At level 5 it upgrades to Spread Shot, allowing her to detonate the bullet at any time to deal 120 (+60% Bonus AD) physical damage to surrounding enemies. An undetonated Spread Shot can ricochet but its projectiles will not. Ricocheted bullets have their range reset.
Animation: Shoots a bullet that appears as a line that follows the projectile’s path. If Spread Shot is used it’s a minor explosion that sends out smaller bullets. Ricocheted bullets can only bounce twice and only hit once per bounce.
Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6
Cost: 20
Range: 900 range, 150 AoE, 300 for Spread Shot, 1,000 speed

Effect: The closest enemy to Mika receives a target mark (prioritizes champions over minions). Mika receives a 60% movement speed buff while moving towards the marked target. Her target also receives an additional (40/50/60/70/80% Bonus AD) physical damage for each successful auto-attack. Lasts 6 seconds. During this time Kill Shot has its max range increased.
Animation: Mika holds her weapon with both hands, when not attacking she keeps it pointed down. When she is attacking she keeps it pointed straight ahead, arms out.
Cooldown: 30/28/26/24/22
Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Range: 600 target, 0, Self Buff

Zaunite Care Package
Effect: Using this ability causes Mika to cycle through her explosives. Using the purple package will cause her to knock up surrounding enemies for 1.5 seconds. Using the green package will unleash a cloud of poison that slows enemies by 25% for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and does 20/30/40/50/60 (+.3) magical damage per second the champion stays in the cloud, lasts 5 seconds. The red package serves as a Health Pack to Mika and her allies giving 70/90/110/130/150 (+20% of missing health). When a package is selected use the ability again to set it at the targeted location. It is armed after 1 second and lasts 25 seconds. Up to 3 traps can be placed.
Animation: Different colored packages. Though it appears red to enemies.
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16
Cost: 100
Range: 350

Ballistic Warfare
Effect: Upon use Mika fires a projectile into the air which breaks down to hit all enemy champions in the targeted area, doing 250/400/550 (+140% AD) physical damage to each of them. If Zaunite Care Package is active the projectiles do their damage and apply the package’s effects or if the red package is selected it'll heal allies in that area. If a care package is not used then the rocket has a guidance function which will guarantee at least one hit even if the enemies move out of the blast range.
Animation: She pulls out a launcher and braces herself to fire it. The fired projectile is a gray rocket but matches the care packages if used with it.
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Cost: 100/175/250
Range: 1,000 range, 700 area, 1,000 speed
Quote: Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot!
Overview of Abilities:

Mika has been designed to be able to go between a champion that is quick to get in, fire a few rounds and try to get out and a champion that can go in guns blazing (literally!). But in order to do that she definitely needs an escape route everything goes wrong. In that she has been equipped with a sensory unit that monitors her vital signs and if she’s about to be killed in action it forms a hologram of her to be slain while the real Mika sneaks off to safety and gets ready for round two.

The best way to get at your opponent is at range. But what happens if your opponent is good at dodging skill shots? Well, you test their skill by adding in a couple of unexpected angles. Kill Shot, her Q, isn’t just used as a skill shot that’s able to pierce multiple enemies in a line, it can also be used on walls to ricochet her bullets. An example of this would be her firing a round down range, the enemy dodges and the next shot would come off the wall and coming from a different direction. To make the best use of this ability an enemy champion can be led into a point in which the enemies cannot help but take at least 1 in three shots, if not all three. Using this ability while Auto-Sight is active will allow Kill Shot to become even deadlier at a longer range.

Auto-Sight is her W and is a self buff ability. A general self buff for attack speed, movement and critical damage. The secondary use of this ability adds effects to her Q and E.

Who doesn’t like an all around care package that can drop what you need? Zaunite Care Package is a crowd control ability but what kind of CC? This is completely up to the player. Using the ability will cycle through them similar to Twisted Fate. The different packages provide different uses depending on certain situations. It can act as a knock up like Ziggs, a fear similar to Shaco, and a slowing poison similar to Singed. It can even be used as a health pack! What this does is allow the player to set up a tactical assault in which Mika can successfully gank, counter gank or generally poke opponents. Using this while Auto-Sight is active makes it even more deadly as it allows her to throw the package instead of simply placing it.

Here comes the boom! Literally. Her ultimate (R) is Ballistic Warfare. With this ability Mika targets an area and fires a rocket at a location. It reads how many enemy champions are in the targeted location and breaks down accordingly to hit each one. To make this even deadlier her care package can be attached, applying the selected effects. This ability can be used as an initiator, a damage burst on the enemy team or even a team finisher if timed correctly. In addition it provides a strategic ability in case the allied team is losing and needs to retreat. Mika can then load a package to distract the enemy team long enough for them to escape.

Overall Mika is meant to be a fun, medium difficulty champion that has presence in solo lanes, jungle and team fights. On top of what she brings to the Fields of Justice she offers a unique mix of stratagems that can be used in a variety of situations that can mix well with her teammates.

Mika, Commandant of the Gray Her default skin.
Maverick Mika Can also be made into a Pulsefire or Full Metal skin.
Tinker Girl Mika Her in some rebellious gear.
Mafia Mika Only fitting for someone equivalent to a mob boss.

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added to the list

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What list? o.O

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For the passive I feel that 3 seconds is a tad too long. 1.5 or 2 seconds feels like a more balanced duration. What is the cooldown on this effect?

Q: Ricocheting of walls is interesting and a neat thing you can do with this but alas, it is still limited to walls. If the bullet hits the wall perpendicularly, will it ricochet back to deal extra damage? Can it collide with player-terrain such as Anivia wall, Jarvan ulti, and Trundle Pillar? Imagine it bouncing around in Jarvan's ulti doing damage each ricochet. Can the detonation crit?

I don't necessarily like the damage scaling on this. The base damage seems a bit low and the AD scaling doesn't seem to be high enough either, but that's just me.

W: This skill seems a lot like what Naoto Shirogane has in Persona 4 Arena, at least animation-wise. You don't mention the duration. Lifesteal bonus seems a bit low but only maybe by a few %. 2% at rank one seems pretty negligible, perhaps increase the initial but keep the end % the same. I am a little hesitant to accept crit chance as a temporary buff since it is random, making it innately unreliable. I do think that with the other buffs, though, that this is fine. They do seem a bit low as far as steroid buffs go though, and you don't have any other mobility skill.

Does auto sight increase the range on her auto attacks while active or just her Q and E?

E: Nice application of the cycle mechanic on TF's Pick a Card. Good versatility: quick dps, cc, or zoning ability with utility. I'd like to see how long the slow is and how strong, though. Intuitively, you'd think that holding a gun with two hands wouldn't be conducive to throwing a package, but that's just me. Thematic details. It does follow the pattern of Pick a Card pretty closely, though (damage, mid damage slow, low damage hard cc) but since it has synergy with the ultimate I'll let this slide.

R: Interesting synergy with E. Added damage, Large AoE cc, or a large slow. Then again, it also serves the same purpose as E except with significantly more damage and area. This reminds me of Ziggs in that his Q is a targeted bomb aoe, and his ultimate is a targeted bomb AoE only bigger and longer range, pretty much doing the same thing.

250 mana cost without scaling is really high at rank one. 100/175/250 mana cost perhaps?

Solid skillset imo so far, just needs those tweaks (as every first draft does).

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Does her passive have a cooldown?

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It does, forgot to put that in. :|

Added in the cooldown, 60 seconds. Also gave it a 1.5 second duration.

Q does Crit and I actually didn't think about using champion made terrain. I guess that could work as they are considered solid objects. It can crit and that is one of the reasons why I gave it low damage and scaling. With enough cool down this ability can be spammable when maxed. I would say it can do repeat damage if it bounces back towards Mika.

I have no idea who and/or what that is, Zarkof. :| Adding in the duration of 4 seconds (I am considering lowering this by a second or so) and increasing her lifesteal by 6/8/10/12/14% for her W.

For her E I'm glad you liked the mechanic, I do have to say that it is one of my favorite designs in the game and see a lot of potential in seeing multiple uses for it; using Mika as an example. As for the animation think of it like her quickly letting go, haphazardly throwing a package and then going back into position. Tweaked the slow a bit to now read: "...that slows enemies for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds and does 20/30/40/50/60 (+.3) magical damage per second the champion stays in the cloud, lasts 5 seconds. "

Yeah, her ultimate came out completely different than the original plan. The original idea was pretty much a rip off of some other champions (something I realized when looking into similarly made champs) and I wound up sticking and overall altering the third phase of it which was the simple use a launcher. In that I didn't want it to be too similar to Ziggs' so I closed the distance and made it hone it to champions in that area. Fixed the mana scaling.

Thank you for taking a moment to look over Mika, Zarkof. And in good timing with how new she is.

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Originally Posted by Wulffe View Post
What list? o.O
my list of stuff to review each night

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....what about our plans to take over the world?

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Moby the White

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So I read this. And I am bound to read it again after a few changes. Fair warning I am harder on CCFC members

Lore: Your lore really didn't seem like lore to me it sounded more like a list of facts or a backstory, whereas I much rather enjoyed your story version instead. That style of writing was great, but this felt empty without tone. So in this aspect I didn't really like the Lore as it is. I feel that it could be spiced up. Double check your work for errors I found a few one of them being "where" and you meant "were"

Your rating for this section would be docked several points in tone and likeability and you would lose 1 point for the minor errors i would say that your score would be lower here than normal.
Lore: 19/25
Clarity: 4/5 minor errors
Theme: 5/5
League Motivation: 5/5
Tone: 2/5 monotone is still a tone...
Likeability: 3/5 I gave you points because I liked the story so even if I didn't like this style I still liked the style of the story. I averaged the two scores out.
P. I only had one issue with this after you added cooldown, my issue was DoT effects still can't kill her. I felt that you need to balance it because right now it seems overpowered. Your rating here was 23/25

Synergy- 5/5 although it does not create a synergy effect it still gets points for creating an escape mechanic which she doesn't really have in her abillities. this in itself is synergy.
Q. I feel that you need to clarify whether or not spreadshot also riccochets. I would really love to know how exactly this part works. Does she fire spread shot damaging for same amount that she can explode at any time during the projectile path? similar to anivia kind of neat if so damage may be a tad too high depending on how exactly it works. Your rating here was 23/25

Utility-5/5 seems like a very unique farming tool
Synergy-5/5 has benefits with auto sight
Clarity-4/5 just clarify spreadshot effects and I think you will be okay
Balance-4/5 may want to adjust numbers a bit
W. cost seems really high for a steroid may want to lower that rating 24/25

Synergy-5/5 works with Q
E. Seems skillful, although I am slightly worried about that poison cloud. I would like to analyze singed's poison trail before giving this a balance score Your rating here is temporarily 20/25 edit: researched and seemed balanced

Utility-5/5 slow utility dot utility knock utility very skillful
Synergy-5/5 works with ult
Balance- 5/5
R. nice tactical long range nuke. I like the spell seems very well balanced and as zar said there is synergy to be found here. cooldown seems a bit low but its managable. 24/25

Balance-4/5 cooldowns
Bonus pts: +4
Total Lore PQWER 142/150

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....what about our plans to take over the world?
do i even need to put that on there we do that every night