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Playing Cassiopeia

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I think I'm proficient with most ap mid champs, being good with some of them as in to be able to handle counterpicks while some I'm average with. However I just can't get the hang of cass... In laning phase, if I use w to zone people out I seem to run out of mana by lvl 6 or so... and also I find it really hard to follow up a q with succession of e's in fact I find it hard to land more than one unless I'm in a team fight, when I can just spam spells.
But I've seen many good cass who's able to pick up kills and dominate in laning. Any tips???

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You need to be aggressive in lane.watch your own minions' health and as they go in for a last hit, run towards them and q+e+e. This makes your combo both easier to hit and more painful with the choice of either getting cs or getting halved.

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practice your ass off. lol

More than anything though, make sure to counter your opponents build early while getting AP up. if you do that well you can play so aggressive they'll either have to run or die. Especially once you get your ulti, it's almost an insta-win in most mid fights.

Uh, I'd say the most important part of actually fighting is to make sure that you watch your positioning, as well as applying pressure. If you hit them with a poison, twin fang em once as a harass and watch them run. Then once they've hit about 40% health, aim Miasma behind them as you close in, ignite if you can, lead them with noxious blast and twin fang to a kill.

With skill choice, get both your poisons first, then twin fang maxed ASAP. Noxious Blast is the priority poison after twin fang is maxed. This ensures that your combo becomes incredibly deadly incredibly fast. Combine your combo with ignite and you can kill almost any mid in about 3 seconds at level 6.

With item builds, I usually try to start with AP and get some small armor or magic resist item to help me stay alive. If you're into spellvamp, this is a GREAT character to try that with, considering how she has both sustain with the DoTs and burst with twin fang.

On landing you ulti, try and be unconventional with your timing. People learn to expect you to open with it, so set it up instead. Make them think they have a chance before you turn them to stone and end them.

Sorry, I love Cassiopeia. lol

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Thank you for that nice write up Shishino. I'm also having trouble getting the hang of playing Cassiopeia while I have already gotten the handle on about ten other mid heroes. I think I just need to get the hang of kiting more and team fight positioning.

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Hughes De Payens

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In team fights, your ult will turn the game around. As Cassio, you can even be an initiator with a flash+ult when their carries get out of position. This is especially true if you have zhonya's hourglass or their CC monster is in the cone as well. In lane, you can usually trade kills with your lane opponent if they get extremely aggressive, even if you can't outright kill them with no problems. Don't forget to ignite. Cassio's DoT is already big. Add ignite for epic lulz... they'll tick down fast.

Ult if they EVER get into your tower range and get targeted. They'll die if you do.

If you kill them, blow your mana away pushing the lane then B to get items, cassio's pushing is extremely quick and you will deny them farm and XP by doing so.

If your flash and your ult are both up, go gank bot lane. Flash+Ult is an amazing gank combo.

You ESPECIALLY want to initiate if the enemy team is doing Baron. The cone of your ult will likely hit all of them.