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Who do you think is too OP/UP?

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7he White Guy:
in my opinion ap teemo is uunderpowered yeah i know his Q does so much damage but think about it the only thing he has ap is his Q and the shrooms so you could never 1v1 someone unless they have half health and the shrooms dont even do all that much anyways.. you guys can hate me saying all this but its true

thats why no one goes full AP, you hybrid teemo. attack speed + AP = win

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Ryze is UP, he barely can get any kills. Zyra is still a little OP

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The champions are fairly balanced, mostly. No one can really 1v5 and win, but some are certainly pretty good in their roles. It is also a bit situational. I know every time I see a Diana or a Shaco on the other team, I tend to cringe a little.

That said, the OP/UP decider is always the man in the driver seat.

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Actually, Teemo's E (a.k.a. the poison passive on his basic attacks) also scale off AP, and Teemo can become OP if you know how to build (I usually go for Rylai's, if AP, or Frozen Mallet, if AD), as well as Ionic Spark and Wit's End/Malady/Madred's Bloodrazor are always fun to get on him for on-hit effects and attack speed. And I think with the mid-August patch, they slightly buffed Teemo, in the sense that they raised the poison passive's damage output (either overall, base, or the AP scale... can't remember >.&gt. Pretty much, if you know how to build Teemo AP-wise, he can become better than AD Teemo. Also, if you stack mushrooms up in a single bush, then it'll do a lot of damage.

This is coming from an actual Teemo player. I may not be an experienced player, but he's considered my main, so here's my two cents.

As for the on-topic:
OP: Darius, Draven, Tryndamere, Fiora.
Darius's R is too OP, as well as the Hemorrhage + his E to pull in is too much >.<
Draven is... just really OP, and he's one of the best ADC's, IMO.
Tryndamere's R may not be for long, but it really annoys me to no end when I think I killed him, but he used his R, and died to his attacks instead.
Fiora: The movement speed bonus from her E when you're attacking is too much >.<

UP: Twisted Fate, Evelynn

Twisted Fate: Sure, he's a great mid-lane guy... but he has next to no damage output early game, and really can't do much until his abilities get to higher levels, and you build good items onto him (I usually go Nashors + Ionic Spark/Wit's End + Hextech Gunblade + Guinsoo's Rageblade/Lich Bane/Rabadon's Deathcap on him). I wish they would buff his early game potential a bit >.<
Evelynn: They still need to do something about that passive of hers -.- Sure, she's got an indefinite stealth thing after 7 seconds of not being hit. But she can get detected too easily, still. Even Teemo's passive is a better stealth than hers (and Teemo needs to stand on a spot still for 3 seconds, or something like that, and if he moves, uses an ability, etc., his cover's blown).

Normally i dont dislike things on here but you were seriously just whinning about darius, draven, tryndamere, and fiora. Seriously, all those things are th epurpose of the kit if you nerfed those yo might as well remove the champions. No champions are really OP because all champs have weaknesses and counters (except zyra pre-nerf.)

Also I dont believe that Diana desereved a nerf. Now most everyone is going to dislike this now but she was only an AP assassain. The concept in itself was strong, but easily countered. The one thing you had to do to stop her was slow i.e. exhaust, and then if its a team fight focus her if you are soloing her and you have a silent use it then she is practically dead. Also if you couldnt tell thats the same strategy that is used on many champions, so it really wasnt that hard to think of.