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I'm tired of this map, focus on 3v3

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Summoners Rift is great map, should be, and always will be the #1 game mode. I am a 3,000 game, hardcore TT player. And to make things clear, I do play SR every now and then with my friends, I think SR is a very fair map, but it doesn't feel quite right to me, I've always seemed to like the TT the most. All these new patches seem to be balancing out champs and doing some pretty nice things to this game, but I still haven't seen any progress on the TT map. Despite what the low ranked, 2 timer TT players that try it out and say it sucks cause they got pwned by a Tryndamere (I literally start to rofl when that happens), this isw a very balanced, and very fun map. Riot did put time into it, but it's been forgotten with all these new upgrades to the main part of the game. The TT community is small, and I'll admit doesn't usually have the teamwork skill as a 2,000 elo SR player has, but the majority of high ranked 3v3 players have an Asian-like skill for combat, and have the reflexes, open mindset, and ability to fight extremely well, due to the fact that 3v3 is very CQB, and is based around consistent fighting, and in the early game focuses on hardcore 1 on 1 combat, fighting for cs, and playing the jungle role.

In my honest opinion, I like the nexus setup on SR, I wish they would bring it into TT. Having 2 turrets in front of the Nexus, not one behind it.
I really like the SR jungle, I wish they would add the blue buff to TT as well.