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Just an idea

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Good afternoon Dear RIOT,

First I would like to apologize for my English, because not very good pe.

I want to congratulate the Lords for the excellent work they do in there RIOT. I am player 2 years and love the game, except for some that annoy me.

And I would like to suggest an idea that came into my head. It would be of great help to us jogadore of "Solo queue", especially in ranked matches. We all know that there is a good balancing system to match the teams, that means, a 1400 ELO player plays on the same team for a player with ELO 890, this is unacceptable because the disagreements begin.

Then I thought of a system that can be adapted, see image:

image = http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/7145/screentest.png

I will explain the system, would be the following:
It would be a system adapted to solo queue ranked matches:
- The highest ELO is automatically Leader and has the power to ban the champions as both players, this action to remove a player go into voting for the other players on the team;
- If the player voted received more negative votes, it would match removed leaving an empty space for another player that was looking for ranked game.

Simple as that.

And there? Is it feasible?

Eagerly await your response.

Rodrigo Medeiros
From: Brazil
Nick in game, server BR: Medeiroz