Ezreal The Prodigal Explorer. Where are we going?

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I've been playing Ezreal for a long time(at least 400+games) and I'd like to accuire the comminitys opinions on a few matters.

Firstly lets being with our runes.
My personal set up
9 ArP marks
9 Armor Yellows
9 MR per level blues
3 Increased movement speed quins

The movement speed quins are my personal choice I have them in all of my rune pages. Now this is where my first question begins. Should ezreal build tanky runes because hes very squishy whenever his Arcane Shift is on cool down? I've debated on doing more offensive runes for the yellows and blues such as Cooldown blues or AD per level yellows.

My second question refers to the build. I've seen a lot of different builds in my time playing league a lot of people are going in a lot of different directions.
My personal build is as follows
Berserkers Greaves
The Black Cleaver
Trinity Force
<- usually the game is over at this point if its not I'll get an Inifinty Edge and replace the Dorans blade with a madreds.

The thing I like the most about the build is the fact that TBC stacks with Ezreal's Q. Now I've seen a lot of people rushing Infinity edge lately and I understand why but it also puzzles me because a lot if not all of ezreal's dps comes from his abilitys not his auto attacks.

One of my last two questions is reguarding masteries. Should we go pure offensive and go the standard 21/0/9 or 24/0/6 or go defensive masteries so we can be tougher early on and sustain our lane presence. I personally do The 24/0/6 masteries because I tend to be an offensive suited player.

Lastly is my perfered support. There are a lot of supports in the game now well a lot more then there used to be. My personal favorite has to be soraka. Her heal makes us tougher and it does quite a bit of healing. Not only that she gives us the ability to spam or Q's and not have to worry about any mana issues.

As I stated im just curious as to what the comminity of ezreal players are doing/ what direction we are heading in. This isn't a war of which carry is the best and blah blah blah which sadly is what most of these posts turn into. i'm anxious to see what sort of answers I recieve.

Have a good day summoners. See you on the Fields of Justice

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I've been using
Flat AD marks,
7 Armor yellows, 2 flat MR yellows,
A mix of flat and MR per level blues
2 flat AD, 1 AD per level quint
Glad you made me look at my runes. After a couple changes in my masteries, realizing this can be changed. I was having some major problems with MR apparently... Something else to re-order today.
Flat AD to help with any early harass and to last hit. He starts with like, 50(+4) ad or something, right?

I've been doing Double doran, greaves, IE, zeal, BT/LW (depending on if they're tanky or not), PD, BT/LW(The opposite one of the one I got), and GA. I build him like I build my Ashe, but I'm planning on trying out your build. I always forget that his Q does on hits effects. He was a big help to get to 1500s, but I can experiment in Normals now that I have no elo time limit to worry about.

As for masteries, I've actually changed to 21-4-5 taking a bit of armor/mr from defense and mana/ms from utility. He is super squishy, but I never find that any amount of armor/mr ends up saving me early game, so I go for mana to be able to last hit with Q safely. (Pretty good at hitting minions. Champions? Not so much! xD) I also have this experimental 26-4-0 page where I went for both Ar-Pen and M-Pen with a little defense. I don't think I've ever used it, gotta give that a whirl too!

For supports, I really don't care what I get. I like playing passively and punishing their team for trying to gank us or dive us. In my recent games, it works out almost all the time. If I had to choose, soraka would be the bestest. Gotta love the free mana!

I have to change a couple things and experiment with new builds now that I've gotten a little more used to him. I have yet to full abuse his kit though because I played him like Ashe with a positioning tool which is all I ever wanted!