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RP Log - Singed Fight

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(Posting this in its own thread at The Mad Chemist request)

Tekun Valos makes his way out on to the sparring grounds. A place for combat to take place off of the field of justices, though not typically used for settling disputes today was a special day.

Singed entered the arena honing a hextech battle suit

-The arena itself was a large cleared out area. Dirt floor the covered a radius of about fifty feet. There was nothing special about it. However there were summoners on stand by. After the Leona and Riven duel a few more precautions were going to be put into place in the event that large amounts of collateral damage would occur.-

( http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/107 )

Singed proceeded to mock is opponent- You ready tree hugger?

Tekun Valos spied Singed a distance away. The warrior had four visible weapons on his person. The Adamantine Great Axe, his Zweihander, the hextech long bow and his Ionian Long Blade. There were others but they were strapped tightly to his person.

Tekun Valos: "You remember our terms correct?" Tekun crossed his arms. The 6'5 Freljordian warrior made eye contact with the battle ready form before him.

Singed: “I remember them correctly and I hope that you have your will ready I don't think you will survive this foolishness.” He was inspecting Tekun’s equipment.

-The summoners began casting and inflicted a spell upon Singed and Tekun-

Tekun Valos: "If I killed you. I'd be held accountable. I will defeat you and leave you nothing more than a bloody pulp upon the ground. But you will survive the day. Both of us will in any case. The summoners will ensure it."
Tekun Valos removes a Zaunite Mark II Half Mask Rebreather, a gasmask like device that helps filter air, from his body and straps it to his face.
Tekun Valos: "I learned from the war and from your chemical warfare."

Singed: "Summoners always spoiling the fun."

-Upon closer inspection the Warrior did in-fact have a large fire arm strapped to him, grenades, and various other weapons...many weapons.-

Singed took out a mace and pointed it at Tekun. “You have no chance. I will not need anything more than this.”

Tekun Valos draws his Adamantine Battleaxe.
Tekun Valos: "My name is Tekun Valos. Preserver and veteran of the Ionian and Noxian war. Riven might not draw blood against you for what you did in Ionia. I am not so merciful."

Singed didn't seem impressed. "I have many surprises for you." and prepared his shield.

-The summoners moved away from the designated battle zone. The bloody conflict was about to begin.-

Tekun Valos: "I've scraped scarier things than you off the ground."

Singed was fast to charge to Teken with shield and mace ready.

Tekun Valos body began to waver, his body beginning to distort as he stood. Waiting for Singed's charge to reach him. [Tekun is now under the effects of a Chronomancy:Haste]

Singed had seen this type of magic on the hands if Zilean was wary of it and stopped his charge and decided to wait and counter his opponent.

Tekun Valos watched as Singed lost momentum and began a charge of his own. Once within swinging distance he swung the weapon.
[Broken Ribs blow 1. Reduces damage output and deals additional damage. Still under the effects of Haste.]

Singed took the blow and proceeded to activate his shield saw in order to break his oponent sword

-Unfortunately for Singed. The axe was made of Adamantine...Much to his surprise. The axe didn't even so much as crack against the near unbreakable metal.-

Tekun Valos struck against with the second of the two! Another devastating blow and followed it up with a heavy swing! The Adamantine axe seemed to glow briefly for a moment before he hit with much more force than one would have believed possible.

[Broken Ribs blow 2. Reduces damage output further, additional damage. Batter Up: Knock away Still under the effects of Haste. Ends next turn.]

Singed had to take the blows and took upon the chance to give one of his with the mace.

[The mace was poisoned with a strong neurotoxin that would take away his opponents strength the longer the battle was.]

-The blow connects against Valos! Striking his body!-

Tekun Valos rushes in and attempts to deliver the final blow of his 1-2-3 Riven inspired combo. The axe comes over head in an executioner like style and slams it down!

[Broken Ribs blow 3. Reduces damage output further. Additional damage. Slight Knock back and a.5 second stun.]

Singed blocked the diminished blow and tried to fling his opponent in the air.

-The blow was far too heavy to simply block. The poison had not yet had time to take effect. Though results would be seen soon enough.-

Tekun Valos found himself grasped and then flung into the air. He spun and then promptly landed a good ten feet away. Barely landing upon his feet.

Tekun Valos began to sweat and panted. "...Figures..." The poison was already beginning to sap his strength
Singed took some damage from the blow and proceeded to take his insanity potion. "Ready for the true start?" He said before drinking the “beverage”.

Tekun Valos stood to his feet and enforced an Ionian influenced stance. A cleansing effect washed over his body as he stood ready.

Tekun Valos: "Talk is cheap."

[Battle Meditation - Tekun is taking reduced damage and has cleansed himself of all debuffs. Unfortunately the strength sapped from the poison remained.]

Singed didn't speak another word as the potion was taken effect healing and reinforcing him. He proceeded to charge to his enemy and attempted to hit him with the mace.

Tekun Valos watched as his foe charged at him with the mace in hand. He stood ready and waited for the swing to come before countering with his own swing, striking hard at not Singed but the mace itself. He was attempting to disarm his foe.

Singed then pushed with his shield and tried to use the saw to cut at his foe

-The mace goes flying high into the air! The shield comes down and sinks into Tekun's legs as the metal end cuts. Drawing blood but much to Singed's surprise they didn't seem to go as deep as he'd have thought. Clearly his foe was resilient. With that...Tekun kept the saw blade at bay.

Tekun Valos phased away, disappearing in a flash that distorted him and reappeared above and behind Singed. His axe was in the process of being swung.

[Runeic Flash - Tekun blinks to target location and takes less damage.]

-SMACK! The axe connects with the floor and embeds deeply within it. Tekun is thrown away from it and lands upon the ground, ten feet behind Singed.-

Tekun Valos picks himself off of the ground and promptly draws his zweihanded blade. The Adamantine axe imbedded in the ground at Singed's feet.

Tekun Valos: "It will take more than just throwing me around to put me down Chemist. More than those petty poisons of yours."

Singed took out a strange gun to replace his mace as the effect of the insanity potion faded. "I have what you are asking for," The gun was connected to his chemical container and shot a hissing green bubbling substance at Tekun

Tekun Valos saw the gun that was drawn and promptly aimed at him. Tekun immediately began to rush to close the gap. His sword began to shine with a magical sheen, the substance struck the warrior's body and began to sizzle and errode his clothing and light armor he wore. Despite the blow, he continued his rushed and leapt at Singed, reeling his blade back for a powerful blow.
[Dervish - Additional Damage. Crippling Blow - Additional Damage, stuns on hit and reduces damage output.]

Singed took the blow on his shield but it forced him to take some backwards steps. "Don't you fell a little uncomfortable?" It was a corrosive compound that once within the blood system, began to destroy the red cells cause great pain and a feeling of asphyxiation.

Singed then proceeded to use his shield’s buzzsaw to try to cut his enemy.

-The Zweihander struck against Singed's shield with a clatter and locked hard against the buzzsaw, stopping it in its tracks.-

Tekun Valos grimaced in pain and began casting with his free hand. Singed would feel a sudden sluggishness. His senses dulled.

[Singed is now under the effects of a Chronomancy: Slow]

Tekun Valos felt a tightening in his chest. Dropped his weapon and moved back as his foe grew defensive. He drew "Leah"...the hextech hand cannon. A nine barreled gun and fired it directly at Singed and his shield.

-Eight beams fire out, surrounding a bigger canon like shell as it aimed right for the buzz saw. The recoil from the gun was...impressive. Tekun slid back a good five feet and stumbled backwards. His hand nearly dislocated. The gun turns red, steaming with heat. The Immortal Soldier is left with no choice but to drop the weapon.-

-The blows were heavy and destroyed the buzzsaw and hurt Singed in addition to the weapon’s destruction. "You know this is taking to long." He said as he throw his damaged shield. No longer hindered by the great weight, he equipped another mace from his belt and charged at Tekun with a quickened pace.

Tekun Valos draws his Ionian Longblade and enters a defensive stance. His eyes focused on Singed with determination and hate. His blade is pointed at Singed, aimed for his throat as his foe charges.

[Wall of Swords - Cannot Auto attack, gains a heavy defensive boost and movement speed buff]

Singed uses mega adhesive on Tekun, trying to paralyze him before he attacks. He strikes at Tekun trying to land heavy blows on him.

Tekun Valos spun his blade about quickly and immediately began to trade blows. While Singed smashed his mace down, Tekun went for the vitals. Specifically his throat.

As Singed throat was cut he landed a devastating blow on Tekun's head.

Tekun Valos’ sword went into and through Singed's throat after the initial strike, piercing through the other side of his throat. A blow like this was typically lethal.

-The blow struck hard against Valos' head. The spikes of the weapon sunk in deeply and causing quite a bit of the sanguine fluid to drip and splatter. However. The Immortal Soldier did not drop there. He clenched his teeth and drove the blade further into his neck up to the hilt of it.-

Tekun Valos grimaced. The poison taking hold. Both spells went off at more or less the same time. The spells immediately began to mend the damage at an incredible rate and cleansed both bodies of any lethal effects. Tekun gave Singed a menacing look. His eyes had a killer intent within them. Now, if he truly wanted to, he could kill the Mad Chemist. But he did not. Tekun Valos pulled his blade out of the Chemist throat. He had a sense of honor after all.

-Tekun's face was half coated in blood, though the source of it was now nearly closed.-

Tekun Valos: "Unfortunently. We draw."

Singed was shocked he had never thought of this possibility. "What do you want tree hugger, this is a loss to me"

Tekun Valos: "I have a list of thing I want. I want you to stop damaging that area. Runeterra is already in bad enough shape due to The Rune Wars. Zaun is only causing further damage."

Singed: "Give me that list you have my word that I will have it done, but remember this is not our last fight. Next time I will be ready and I will not underestimate you."

Tekun Valos: "I want the end of my contract fulfilled. I want you to be more environmentally friendly towards Zaun and I want you to press for the start of a reform. Doesn't need to be now but it needs to be done. And I want you to apologize for being such an antagonistic ******* to Lady Riven and Lady Shyvana. You will leave them in peace unless they go out of their way to provoke you. That fulfills my current list."

Singed: "Like I said you have my word. I never have broken a contract. I will leave them alone but to apologize is not something that I had in mind or will do."

Tekun Valos: "People die in war Chemist. Riven was my enemy. You were and still are my enemy. There is a reason while I need to restrain myself yet."

Singed: "I was antagonistic only on my point of view. I stated my personal opinion, if they took that personally then that is their problem but I promise to not speak to them from now on. I will no longer harass Riven in any way"

Tekun Valos: "And Shyvana." He leveled his gaze. “And see to it. I expect you to inform her by the time I run some errands." He began collecting his weapons. "For now. I have matters to attend to. We'll duel again when you wish to."

Singed: "And Shyvana too."