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Teemo strats and builds?

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Nashor's is my favorite item on Teemo and the only ap item I'm willing use. Next would be Wit's End because the proc is amazing with the attack speed already on Nashor's and Berserker Greaves.

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I usually start out with boots (to Sorcerer's or Berserker's) and pots, then go Fiendish Codex (can be upgraded to Nashor's Tooth later), Mejai's, Catalyst to either Banshee's or Rod of Ages depending on what I need. I usually go Abyssal or Rylai's Scepter (again, depending on what I need), then lastly go Zhonya's Ring (Usually don't get unless the game last for ages though). I keep forgetting to upgrade Fiendish to Nashor's later though, so I usually do that before Zhonya's...

I'm kinda still experimenting with the builds though, probably a lot that could changed/optimized in this build. Tips & Hints are always welcome

EDIT: Almost forgot, I sometimes throw in a Lich Bane there somewhere too...

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Teemo..2 ways to play him
AP build
Chalice of Harmony
Sorcerer's Boots
Mejai's Soulstealer
Lich Bane
Abyssal Scepter/Rod of Ages
Zhonya's Ring

I know this might sound contrary to what you think but AP teemo is not much of a ganker and mejai (ESPECIALLY for comp play) is NOT recommended. Teemo also doesn't run into mana problems too much (assuming he is not wasting mana on frivilous blinding darts) so the chalice is also a poor choice. While lich bane is a strong item, it is very very weak when placed that early in an item set. Lich bane is only considered a better deal then sheen(in terms of money to power) when you have around 150-200 AP and should not be built so early on.

AP teemo is focused on team support and map control. Cooldown is important on him so that mushrooms will litter the landscape. The build that most comp teemo players use is...

1.Fiendish codex
2.Sorc boots (or whatever boots are most appropriate)
3.Finish Nashor Tooth
4.Rod of ages/Rylais scepter
5.Which ever you didn't get in 4
7.Lich Bane

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Well yes the Chalice has got to go now,maybe replace it with Fiendish Codex and upgrade it into a Nashor's later,and for Mejai's,why is it not good? 70 AP + 70 AP = 140AP for 1850 gold,pretty decent,as for Lich Bane,if you got Mejai's,then it'll be 140 AP + 30 AP + 80 AP = 250 AP for your next attack and Blinding Dart to proc it hits for 300 + 250 = 550,so its basically 550 dmg + 250(+normal dmg) in 2 seconds,and counting MR that should hit for like 800? And Abyssal Scepter to reduce the opponents MR to make it hit for 1k dmg

Just my 2 cents