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Tired of all the....

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Verbal abuse, harassment, trolling, feeding etc. that occurs within LoL.

I quit this game, hoping to come back to a cleaner better community (due to the recent new developments to the tribunal etc.) However I come back to a community that is even more plagued with pathetic players, set on disrupting others fun.

There has to be some sort of full proof system to preventing this from occurring.

I hear you can use the mute button - Useless if they are trolling through feeding, etc.

I hear you can report - Doesn't matter as there is no guarantee they will even see tribunal let alone get banned. Besides, it wouldn't make MY gaming experience any better, as it wouldn't remove that player.

~Essentially I have no idea how to prevent this... kick system won't work I know, would only be another tool people can troll with. There has to be some sort of incentive or something. An encouragement to behave properly in-game.

This community needs to be cleansed/purified of the negative activity that seems to be growing.

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Invoke the Right of Annulment. Burn the community.