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Building Shyvana

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read the solomid guide. Oddone played her today in a tourny. shes ez i just dont really like her cuz i always do well then get focus in team fights hard (solo que mind you)

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If you would like to play Shyvana as a jungler, you should either start with;

Cloth Armor + 5 Red Potions (The safe jungler) or Boots + 3 Red Potions (Ganking Jungler)

Someone mentioned that if you have yellow armor seals, you shouldn't need the cloth armor. I disagree. Having that extra armor with the runes + cloth armor makes you extremely durable in your jungle phase, and you will less likely die while ganking (Since Shyvana needs to get VERY close to the enemy to deal damage)

After a few gank attempts and farming in the jungle, you should build:

Wriggle's Lantern ---> Mercury's Treads (If you are building tanky DPS) OR Berserker's Greaves (If you can tell that your team is sucking bad and you need to carry the game) ---> Phage (Gives you the tankiness and the cc which Shyvana lacks) ---> Madred's Bloodrazor (Crazy damage, shreds down tanks with your Q)

^ Those are your mid game items. From here on, you may choose to sell your wriggles for something else if you are getting caught up in teamfights often (Wriggles is really useless in teamfights,, but great for taking down map objectives such as Baron and Dragon, so if you plan on doing those any time soon, keep your wriggles). Now, if you chose the Tanky DPS path from your choice of boots (Merc's Treads), I suggest building these following items:

Frozen Mallet (Upgraded CC, HP, and ATT from your Phage) ---> Wit's End (Gives you MR and Atk Speed) ---> Atma's Impaler ---> Guardian Angel , Thornmail, Force of Nature (Depending on what team you are facing and what situation you are in. Are you dying in 2 seconds? Grab a GA. It will help you. Is there a nasty tryndamere pounding your butt? Grab a thornmail, he will poundhimself. Force of Nature gives you MR, tons of HP regen, and even movement speed.)

Final Tanky DPS Build (What your inventory should look like) Wriggle's Lantern (Can be sold for something else late game) Mercury's Treads, Madred's Bloodrazor, Frozen Mallet, Wit's End, GA/TM/FoN

This isn't a definite build that you should follow, it's just a guideline. Heck, you can buy a wit's end before you buy your Phage if the situation calls for it!

Now, if your team is failing and you need to carry your team that ways a ton...

After going Wriggles --> Berserker's Greaves --> Madred's Bloodrazor --> Phage,

I suggest building Trinity Force, Infinity Edge, Blood Thirsters, Guardian Angel, Phantom Dancer.

^ This Glass-Cannon Carry build is NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are fed out of this world. Why? Because Shyvana will die before she gets close to her enemy to Twin Bite their heads off. If the enemy team were stupid enough to feed the heck out of you, but your team is losing to that stupid team, you need to carry them, and thats when you should build these items. They leave you extremely vunerable to CC (since you have no Tenecity from Merc's Treads) and you become squishy as heck, so instead of building exactly the glass cannon build says, try to mix in some tanky items (Such as Atma's Impaler). Remember, you aren't an AD Carry, but more of a bruiser with your Auto Attack + Q combo.

Good luck, Have fun!

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My build order for Shyvanna

Cloth and 5 pots
Then wriggles
Heart of gold
Phage into frozen mallet
Wits end
Normally last item if it gets that far is guardian angel.
Then finish up my randuins.

Build works great for me.

Always counter jungle with her. She's really strong against most junglers